Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 2 in The MTC

Kumusta si mom at Pamilya!! How's everyone doing?! I expect some letters out of you kids or something!! Hows the outside world?! How is football going? Hey send me some pics of you guys! I got nothing to put on my wall! haha so this week actually kinda flew by! It was wierd! Its been a pretty good week! the Tuesday devotional was amazing like I already said! The language is still hard! Its gonna be the death of me! I dont know how im going to do it! We have taught three lessons so far to an "Investigator"! all in Tagolog! we pretty much just write down everything we are going to say and read it off! haha but im trying to kick that habit! My kasama (companion) is awesome! He is from Davis, we do not have too much in common but we make it work! He ran track in highschool and he writes his girlfriend like twice a day! His name is Elder Atkinson! I think I sent a pic with him in it? The days here are long but the weeks fly by! We usually have class for 6 hours a day, but if you include our studying in that class its 8 hours! Sometimes you wanna just pass out on your desk! But gym time is sweet! I dont lift too much during gym! Id rather be balling up the other elders! hahahaha but for real..:) Also dont worry dad im putting that pull up bar to good use! haha My Zone Leaders are so freaking awesome! They are Elder Poulton and Elder Nelson they are the funniest kids! They make life here a lot easier! They have fun but still get the work done! They are also the ones that put together that little sleepover. haha I think Elder Poulton looks a lot like Reggie too. He is in  that picture of the mattresses with the blue pants. Theyre sick. Also everyone in my district but 3 elders are from Kerabati, its part of like the Fiji islands and stuff! Haha so they dont speak great English, so now I have to learn Kerabati and Tagalog! hahaha but they are way cool people! And they are talented too! Two of them have amazing voices! and the other one can dance! And one can do some sick tae kwon doe! I was going to send you a video but it wont let me! Well the days here are pretty much the same! Thanks for the packages! keep em coming!  Im not really craving anything! Ill eat whatever you send me! I think I blew through two of those pringle things already haha! But thanks so much! Miller family I love you guys! Thanks for the treats! Watch for a letter! I heard Alta lost to East?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? I dont care how big that running back is we do not lose to East! Unacceptable! hahaha Also send me pics of Sam and Max playing football! I wanna see them playing! but dont send them through email. send them through real mail! Well I love you all! thanks so much for everything! totoo po ang simbahan ni jesucristo! mahal kita! 
Before and after picture of some of the elders eating philipino candy!

Me and Elder Martin at the devotional! Sorry im not smiling but that was the only not fuzzy pic we got!
And the other is a picture of me and my Kasama, and The kerabati elders!
(Kasama is Companion)

Picture of our Zone sleepover haha
and a picture of my favorite other two elders/roomates elder christensen and elder golden!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Second Email from the MTC

man this has been the longest week of my entire life!! Ive been here 4 days it feels like 4 weeks!!
We wake up at 6:30 and study, then eat then at 8:00 we have 3 hours of class! And once you start class.. theres no english for the rest of the day! its crazy! then we had 2-3 hours of personal and companion study time! then we have dinner then we have class again or a workshop or lecture or something. which some of them have been very cool! And then we have a meeting or we plan for the next day! This language is ridiculous! iTS IS SOO hard. But weve been here for 4 days and i can already bear my testimony and pray in tagalog! and we already taught to our first "investigator"
 in tagalog too! My companion is elder atkinson! he is a very cool guy, hes from kaysville utah! we dont share to much in common, but we get along! We are in a triple companionship so my other companion is Elder Petelu! hes from the pacific islands like fiji! so he doesnt speak to much english! But he way cool! he does tae kwon do! And his calves are huuuuge! so ill be safe if I get in fight or anything! hahah We also have two more elders in our district, elder golden, and elder christensen! hahah i asked elder christensen about the wooleys, and he has no idea what i was talking about! so thanks for making me look dumb my first day! haha jk well this place is awesome! the minute i walked through the door i felt the spirit so strong! And its been there ever since! It feels so good! My branch president is a cool guy but hes a stickler! the first two days were really tough on me! but its been getting better and better everyday! I dont know if you have sent me any packages or anything but i havent got them cause our mail got messed up! we are now 289 instead of 299! on my MTC address! But keep sending me stuff! Please:) Will you send me my email list and address! so you can forward this to everyone! Salamat for everything!
Alam ko po na sa ang simbahan ni jesucristo ng mga banal mga huling araw!
Mahalin! Elder Collins


First Email from the MTC

kumusta!!! just emailing you letting you know im okay! the spirit is so strong here! but the language will be the death of me! i already know a lot of tagalog! my companion is elder atkinson! he a cool bro! i also have another companion because his companion has not arrived yet! his name is Elder Petalu! hes from the pacific islands like fiji! so he bearly speaks english!
The mtc is great ive already seen so many people! it feels so good here all the time! but im dead tired and it feels like ive been here for weeks! my P-day is saturday and i will email you more then! with some pics and stuff! love you and miss you! alam ko po no ang simbahan ng jesucristo ng mga banal mga! whats moms email? Bye! 

Saying Goodbye


Sunday, August 11, 2013


Myles had his farewell today.  We want to thank all of our family and friends for their love and support, it means the world to us! We had a great day! Myles will enter the MTC in Provo this Wednesday , August 14th. We are excited to share his experiences and pictures on this blog as he serves in the Cavite Philippines mission.