Monday, December 29, 2014

Ahhhh Man!

Hey Family! Well Merry Christmas! It was awesome to see you! Defiantly brought the Christmas spirit back for a bit. Well its transfers, and ill just tell ya straight up. I'm leavin, I'm going to Las Pinas 3rd ward! That's up in the city part of it all, closer to Manila and stuff! Im pretty excited! But then again, I'm pretty bummed to leave elder Christensen and Imus, I love Imus even though it was challenging! Man this is crazy! I totally thought I was staying! But Elder Burbidge is my companion! Another one of my batchmates, and im pretty excited about that! 
Well this week was good, We found another family this week which was taught by missionaries 8 years ago and they had a great relationship with them, something just happened that they didn't end up being baptized,but they are willing to hear the gospel again. We found them in a really cool way, we were only given a subdivision when they gave us an address, and it was a big place, but we went in just looking for people to ask to try to find their house. Well my companion got an impression to ask this kid on the side of the road, and it turned out to be his sister and parents that we were looking for! It was really cool. Its been a great week Happy New Year to everyone! I cant believe I'm leaving! Little weird to think about! Love, Elder MC
This is the present I got for you mom.This is Taytay Ed. and he made this with his bare hands.  Man I am going to miss him!

Christmas Skype

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Flippin Christmas! :) Dec. 22 email

Hey Family! Merry Christmas! Man this Christmas is so much different than last year. I dont even want to think that this is my last Filipino Christmas! I love it here, I cant believe the changes that ive had this past year. I never felt better in my life. Ive also never been more tired. My testimony of the savior has never been stronger. During this Christmas season I have really tried to reflect on its true meaning, because last Christmas I think I was just a little hung up on the fact that santa doesnt come to the Philippines. haha
 Well this week has been a good one! Our christmas party as a mission was super fun! And yes we successfully did the dance that you sent mom in a skit we put together as a zone! We also had exchanges with the APs again this week! I got to be companions with Elder Zacarias again! It was way fun to be with him again for the day! We have continued to work with a few part member families. The Vergada Family, and the Seno family. They both have less actives and investigators in the family, and we hope and pray we can get them to church, especially around this Christmas time. I love being in Imus, but im not gonna lie, the work is so different here. Seems like with some people there is no missionary spirit, like in the ward and stuff, but Elder Christensen and I have done all we can to change that. Its been challenging but were trying:) There are some great members though and they invited us to lunch and dinner on Christmas! So I might have to use that money on a different day for food! haha. 
I really liked one video that pretty popular on the its called he is the gift. You have probably seen it, but if you havent watch it because its is so great. It really helps you realize the importance of Christmas, realizing that he truly is our only great gift. Our savior and redeemer. Our path to salvation. This mission has helped me to come closer than I ever have to him. I love Christmas, and im glad I love it for the right reason now. 
Merry Christmas.. Ya filthy animals. (What Movie?)
Elder Collins

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Maulan Pasko!

Hey family! So we lived! haha no I'm just kidding it wasnt bad at all just a big rain storm! We had to stay inside all Monday and since there is three Americans in our apartment we were all just dreaming of white Christmases:) haha Its just been raining like crazy here so it kinda bums you out for Christmas but its been a great week! Pretty normal work. We have really been looking for families, especially this Christmas season! We had a really great spiritual experience with a family that we found this week. The mother is an less active member from Tagaytay, and shes always wanted her kids to become members and be a happy family because she can see that in her sister who is still active. Her kids are not very interested. Her faith has been pretty shaken and its been ten years since shes been to church. When we re taught the restoration of the gospel and how it helps our families out, she cryed and testified with all her heart to her own children about the truthfulness of the message. It was really great, spirit was very strong, and we think it changed them a little bit more. Now we just gotta work on the husband. 
Man do I love the Christmas season, during this time I have really tryed to strengthen my faith in Christs atonement and that has really helped me be able to bear valiant testimony of Christ to others. Read Christ in the bible dictionary, its great. He is our savior, our advocate and redeemer. He loves each one of us, and he is proof of a loving Heavenly Father, he is our gift, a gift from a father to his children, our only Christmas gift, and what better time to embrace it.
Love You All Merry Christmas:) 

Myles Email from Dec. 5

Hey Family! Ill make this short. We were asked to email today becaue the power will be cut off this next week due to another Typhoon. Apparently its supposed to be pretty strong! Stronger than the last one, but not as strong a yolanda. Crazy how many typhoons you go through in the Philippines. But were not worried! shouldnt be too bad, we are in the lords hands! :) This week has been great! Many spiritual experiences this week. We were encouraged to try to find more families this week. So we made a goal to find one family each week. And as we prayed to the lord to lead us to families, that same day the lord led us. We were looking for a referral given to us a couple days ago, and as we were looking I had an impression to talk to this lady standing on the road and ask her for directions. Well we did, turns out shes a less active member, and her kids and husband are super potential to be taught and baptized! Really cool experience, the spirit just does its thing and im happy to follow it! Love you all! Have a great week! I got my rain boots ready!
Elder Collins

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Man I want some turkey...

Hey FAM!!! How was turkey day?! There is absolutely no change here in the Philippines on Thanksgiving. haha We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal though. Me and Elder Christensen decided to break the bank and get ourselves Mcdonalds... haha Don't hate me dad haha. Nothin like a quarter pounder for the holidays:)
Well im grateful for so many things that if I typed them up we would have to make another bible haha, But one thing I am so very grateful for is we had ourselves another baptism! It was great. Sister Carla and Brother Rayhan. We also had some other missionaries that had some so it was a total of 8 for the ward. President Tye came to see too so that was cool! Well I can't describe the feeling I had when they were baptized! You could just see their light in their eyes glowing. Im grateful for the wonderful opporunity I have to be a missionary. Nothin better:) Sister Carla is already thinking about a mission and in 4 years Brother Rayhan wants to do the same. 
Everything is going great, I cant believe its December already!! Last December I was in Bulihan, feels like just yesterday, times going way to fast! We gotta slow it down. I remember last Thanksgiving I was wishing time would go faster, now its the opposite, your right dad... your always right:) 
Well not too much changed I love you and am grateful for Gods Wonderful plan, and his love. 
Elder Collins

Monday, November 24, 2014

Kenny Boy......

Hey Family!!!!! Man What a great week. Another transfer gone by and time is going wayyy to fast. Its almost Christmas!! haha Well this week our work has been great, We have two baptisms scheduled this Saturday! Man I'm stoked we are finally putting this area back together. Sister Carla Sunga, and Brother Hanz Ray. They are both so prepared and ready. Within like 3 lessons you could see the light of the gospel in their eyes, and a desire to be baptized. Sister Carla has been awesome, shes super smart, shes 21 and already a full time pharmacist. And her mother is a member who we reactivated on the way. They are awesome, and hopefully the other members of that family follow:) So thats one thing, and the other awesome thing is brother Ken, the one that I told you had a problem with marijuana, he accepted a date to be baptized! Jan. 3rd (Sam's Bday) :) The changes in him are remarkable, this guy used to have long hair and party and get drunk and was in a gang and all that. Well now hes a family man, whose morals are centered on Jesus Christ. And he cut his hair this week:0 Im excited for him. He's great. 
We had a spiritual experience yesterday. Strengthened my testimony of priesthood power. Yesterday after church I felt so very sick, bad head and stomach ache and things like that, just very weak. But we had a lot of work to do, so theres no way I was going home to rest. But I was feeling awful, well I asked my awesome companion to give me a blessing of comfort before we left the church to work. He gave me a short but powerful blessing. Which within short time gave me great strength. The sickness was there, but my body felt so strong it wasnt bothering me. And we got good work done that day, which included 3 new baptismal candidates for January. I am so grateful for the power of priesthood blessings, god really does love his missionaries. Lifes the best, your right mom I dont know if im coming home hahaha Love you all,
Elder MC

Another round' a transfers.... Email from 11/16

Hey FAM!!! Well its transfers again!! Man that flew by! I really was suprised to find out it was transfer day! haha We just kept working like there was none, so obviously me and Elder Christensen are still companions. I think we might go two more transfers together as ZLs here. Which I have no problem with, we get good work done together, we are thinking about just finishing our last 6 tranfers together hahah. But yeah! Im excited to meet some of the new zone! 
This week has been good for work, we working hard to try to prepare 2 people for baptism this November! Sister Carla Sunga, and Brother Hanz Ray. I am stoked for them! Sister Carla is the daughter of an RM who went less active, but we reactivated her and started teaching her daughter, they are awesome, and shes super excited for her baptism! Brother Hanz is some one we found whose 15 and his aunt is a member, and he is also pretty stoked for baptism! So if all goes well we will have maybe two this month. We have also been working with the guy that had marijuana problems, and hes doing really well. He is seriously going to be a great leader of the church some day! hes awesome. 
The party at the Tyes was pretty sweet too. haha we ate hot dogs played some games, and watched Wreck It Ralph! Great day! Our spiritual experience for the week was this one day we worked and it started out rough, where everyone we went to wasnt home. We call it "punted". Well we were out of ideas but we know that if we ever get punted, there is somewhere the lord wants us to be! So we said a prayer, and a ward missionary showed us a less active we never knew about, well he wasnt home either haha, but as we were walking Elder Christensen oymed this lady and she asks, are you mormons?  So we reply yes, and she just runs back in her house and grabs a Liahona from 2009 and tells us how much she loves to read it! We taught her and her sister and it went really well, and that was a start of a great day!! For the rest of the day there was not one hour that we were not teaching people! Good spiritual experience. This week was the bomb, Happy Thanksgiving, When is that anyways? 
Elder MC

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Going to the Tyes...

HEY family!! 
Well this week was great as always. We have done a lot of work, I was able to go on exchanges with  our district leaders and our AP. I learned a lot from him, he is a great guy and he taught me how to be a better leader. 
We have been working with a few people who will hopefully be baptized the end of November or first of December. Which is a breath of fresh air, this area was split and we were literally left with nothing, but its finally coming together:) It always does with the help of the lord. We also had a pretty heart breaking experience with one amazing part member family we were teaching. Well they dropped us for another church, it broke mine and all the other elders hearts, all we could do was leave them with a hearfelt sincere testimony of this truth, and hopefully planted a seed for them in the future. Sometimes I think why? even when things get so spiritual, why is it still denied. But no effort is wasted, dissapointment is just a mindset right? :) 
Well I dont have a lot of time to email because we are going to the Tyes again for lunch because of that contest our zone won, so we have to leave a little early cause its far! But im excited should be great!! 
Another cool thing was I spoke last night at a stakewide devotional with a few other missionaries, all in Tagalog. It was pretty cool experience.:) Its been a great week! Grateful to be a missionary!
Elder MC

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

He came

 Well this week was great as always. Yes I got to personally shake hands with an apostle of god. It was super sick! He gave really great training to us, and he was super funny too, I guess sometimes you just think they are always serious, but he was crackin little jokes and stuff, and made it so very spiritual also. And on top of that President Tye gave an amazing talk also that day. I was just spirtually overfed! Great day. 
Well our work has been progressing little by little and we have been doing well. We have two great families that we hope will get baptized before Christmas! Man everytime I see them I picture them in white clothes. They are both less active moms with an investigator family. They have both came to church once, we are just really pushing them. 
Well you know how there is a tradition that I get sick at least once per area. Well the tradition continues! I was pretty sick this past week with migranes, a sinus infection, cold and stuff. I was weak but the lord made me strong. I didnt want to miss work so I did my best to get out there everyday. There was only one day where I had to rest, cause I couldnt walk haha but it all ends up great!
My testimony of fasting has grown this past week and especially yesterday. I wasnt sure if I was in the right health to fast. but I didn't want to miss an opportunity.  Well I fasted and the lord blessed me.  When I was so weak, I felt so strong even though I was sick, I didnt feel it while we were working. We were working during finding time and our finding tool was just tracting and talking to people. Well we werent having much success at first and I was not feeling well at all, and of course we were hungry haha. But quickly the thought of Ammon in Alma 26:27 popped up and I quoted it to my companion at the time," When our hearts were depressed and we were about to turn back, behold the lord did comfort us" and right when I finished saying it we heard "HEY!" This family that was sitting outside yelled hi and we immediatly talked to them and were able to plant a seed in their hearts of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was such a great experience and strengthened me spiritually and physically. We finished off the day great. Its been a great week, Happy Halloween to everyone, they dont have it here, occasionally you see kids trick or treating haha. Crazy its already November! Times flying 
Elder Collins

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elder Dallin H. Oaks is comin to town.

Hey Family!
Well this week was fantastic! Many things to say but ill make it quick! Well this week we have continued to focus on getting people to church, last week was rough, this week was a blessing. We are teaching a Less Active woman and her Non Member family. They have so much potential, and I can see them in white temple clothes. The sister has been struggling because since she is a long time less active, she has also developed faith for the Jehovahs Witness Church. So with all respect but boldness in our hearts we testified of the blessings of church, and especially eternal families. Although it hit her good, we had no success until we brought a member with us to help. The member was amazing and helped her feel comfortable enough to go to church, with her WHOLE family! Such a blessing to have faithful members like that. And we had two other families come to church also! It was great. We also had a contest in our mission like before with finding new investigators, but this time it was gettung investigators to Sacrament. Which is supposed to be harder. So whatever zone can average the standards of excellence for a whole zone in one week gets to have dinner at the Tyes again. Well our zone got it within 2 weeks:) haha It took alot of work, but it was a big blessing to see President Tyes revelation work, and the Bacoor zone is doing well. 
Funny experience, we had an investigator here who brought his 5 year old son to church, and since they were pretty new to the gospel they still didnt know a lot of things. Well we are sitting in elders quorum and his little boy comes running in and trips a little on the door and just says, " ah Sh**!" haha I kinda laughed a little bit. his dad was a little embarrassed. 
      We were finding one day and we had talked to this guy on the street, he was in his like 50s and just came back from the hospital like a month ago on account of heart and lung problems. But he kindly let us share with him. When we started teaching, he told us that he had heard about a lot of religions but never really went with them, but he's always been searching for truth. He told us maybe this was what he was looking for, he said that he truly believed god had sent us to him. He is very weak but he wants to try when he gains his strength to go to church. We should always picture people in temple clothes because that is everyones potential. Whether in wayward children or old people, everyone has that potential. See them like our Heavenly Father sees them. And to top off the week! Elder Dallin H Oaks is coming to our mission tomorrow and we all get to listen to him and shake his hand! Man im stoked!!
Elder Collins

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Same animal, different beast.

Hey FAM!!
Well this week was a great one as usual, no matter how many disappointments happen, it just always seems that we are happy. I love it. We have really been focusing as a mission and zone on getting people to church. like 90% of investigators that go to church get baptized. So of course theres a reward if we get a certain amount of people at church:) But we have a new little process that our mission is doing. That has been one of our biggest struggles in this area,is getting people to church, thats the struggle here in the Philippines! haha All of our disappointments have came from investigators cancelling last minute on Sunday morning. But we got high hopes these coming weeks! 
We had a pretty intense service project that we did for our stake president, we moved big rice bags filled with dirt, cement, and stone from his house to the stake patriarchs house. Man we were dead, I think we moved over 400 bgs! Great work out and we were just covered in sweat and dirt and sand and stuff. Then we just all showered of in the back of his house with a hose thing haha. It was a great memory.
Another spiritual experience this week is Saturday night we were walking down this road and I was walking in front of Elder Christensen and as we were walking I glanced at this lady coming out of her house, I felt this strong prompting to talk to this lady, so I turned around and saw Elder Christensen already doing it! It was a sweet confirmation that it was a prompting from God. Well we taught this lady who was super sweet, and we invited her to church the next morning. Well usually when we invite the first time they dont come. Well we were overjoyed to see her walk in the sacrament hall the next morning. Wearing a dress and everthing, it was so cool to see. Just like Joseph Smith said " When god commands, do it" and you wont regret it. Great week
Love you all,
Elder MC
Service Project

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Me and my main man...

Hey family!!!!
Well this week has been pretty good! Its been a great learning experience this week for me. Helping Elder Christensen get started as a ZL. And leading in this still broken area. Man I'm so grateful for all the new opportunities I've been given, even though they are challenging I have learned so much. I grow in spirit, testimony and person every week. 
Well being companions with Elder Christensen has been awesome haha! Its great to be with someone that you get along with no matter what and you know each others strengths and weaknesses so you can just work your very best! It is such a blessing, and we can be great friends and be exactly obedient while doing it. We were walking down the street yesterday and we walked past this little girl and she gave us both high fives and then yelled in Tagalog, ( thinking we couldnt understand) " those are my boyfriends!" hahaha it was funny. 
We have had some struggles with this area, but we hope and pray things will pull through for us. we have been focusing hard on church attendance, if we get investigators to church, game over... they will be baptized.
General conference was amazing, just like Christmas haha. I really like Elder Christofersons talk, that guy can convert any one haha. But they were all amazing. I actually really liked a quote from one of the 70 talks. he said " Acknowledge and face your weaknesses, but dont be immobilized by them" So true, im going to apply that as much as I can here, and become better every day. Love the Lord and his work.
 Love, Elder Collins
Handsome Street!!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brothers dont shake hands, Brothers gotta hug!

Hey Family!!!!!
 Well I guess ill just start with what you all wanna hear.... TRANSFERS! Well to start Elder Zacarias is leaving me, he got called to be a ZL in Cavite! Im going to miss him, he was awesome and ive learned more from him than anyother comp, ive ever had! And something I found out today, Im going to be Zone Leader 1! I am training a new Zone Leader! I was like what??? But im stoked, whom the lord calls, the lord qualifies right. Well it gets better, youll never guess who im training.....(mom your gonna love this) ELDER CHRISTENSEN! haha I was so suprised, but im stoked! Can't wait to get started with my main man! He is a great missionary and a great friend! haha Well thats probably the biggest news this week. Im also excited for conference too.
 My spiritual experience this week is when we were looking for a potential investigator that we contacted the week before. Well the person wasnt home, but we found this older couple, and the wife has diabetes and had her leg cut off and stuff so she was is rough condition. But kindly invited us in and listened to our message of the plan of salvation. After the message she grabbed a 100 piso bill and tryed to hand it to us. We giggled and kindly told her our work is free and its for god. she said something like this if I translate it, " The money is not for the lesson you taught, but when I saw and heard your message, I knew you were men of god, and I wanted to make sure you had food." Man it touched my heart, well of course we didnt take the money, but I got something better than money from that experience, people notice missionaries who are doing what they are supposed to do, they know we are men and women of god cause they can see and feel a light, I love missionary work.
Elder Collins

Monday, September 29, 2014

where did september go?

Man!!!!!! Things are going by quick! Septembers already gone! Wheres the time going? Transfers are next week. Im a little nervous, Elder Zacarias has been here a while, I'm scared he might leave me. haha I want to be with him at least one more transfer! But we will see what happens. I dont really wanna think about it! Well this week was great! So many things happend, first we had zone conference up north close to Manila. Which was way sweet, I got to see Elder Christensen again, my homie. And the training from President Tye was great! I was so grateful for it.Then this last Saturday we held an open house in our chapel, and it was stake wide so a lot of people were there, they asked the missionaries to teach at each exhibit. Me and Elder Morales, (my kabahay) were able teach about the sacrament.The most important thing we do inside the church every Sunday. Man what an honor it was to teach and explain such a sacred thing to so many people. Helped to remind me of the blessings of the sacrament, to make every sin wash away, and every burden light. It was a great spiritual experience. And last I was able to go on exchanges with the APs. I was able to go with Elder Durfee, man it was wierd for the first time driving to an appointment instead of walking to it! haha But it was great, I learned so much from him. He's a great guy and helped me out a lot. But other than that we have been working hard, and lovin it. We are still hoping for that success we need and that promised blessing of obedience for this area. We hope to have baptisms this October, but life is good, No worries. Love you!
Elder collins
                                                                 A Hanging Bridge


Thursday, September 18, 2014

That missionary life...

Hey Family!!! Hows everybody? Well this week was good! Pretty busy! Well dad wanted to know about our everyday life as a Filipino Missionary. Well we wake up work out, and wash our clothes by hand if we have extra time. Then study, after studies we usually have to do something with numbers or paper work and all that. Then we make lunch and go out to work. Lunch consists of rice, rice and more rice. Man the diet here is rough, I miss my moms spinach salad. haha Then we go do the work of the Lord. Here we get a lot of acceptance, but some just have a hard time following the commandments. The knowlege of some of the other churches is very twisted, so we just focus on building a testimony in their hearts. We will teach lesson one 5 times until they understand, because thats whats important.  We usually dont get home until exactly 9:30 because we are far away. So we dont usually eat dinner, haha. Its nice being in a big city because they have a big shopping mall and stuff, in Naic we had to travel 2 hours to find one haha. We get to do an activity today because we hit standards of exellence for work and our reward is that we get to plan an activity, so we are going bowling! haha its a ghetto place but im excited! haha So we have just been finding like crazy, and slowly we are seeing progress, man we have had so many spiritual experiences in this area its amazing.
I had my first zone meeting as a zone leader, it went really well. We also had interviews with president Tye! It was good, zone leaders have to plan it and conduct it all so our interviews with him were like 5 minutes each, haha we just talked for a bit. 
One experience we had this week was when we were finding people to teach, and we were not having to much success, so this boy was walking and he said hi to us and we started talking to him, and he says" hey wanna teach my mom?", and we were like yeah of course. haha so he takes us to his house and his mom was so suprised but being the Filipino she is, she kindly lets us in. We found out its just the two of them because the father left. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and asked her to pray and ask God and that if she felt something in her heart, we asked her to come to church the next day. Well we prayed like crazy for them, and to our amazement she walked through the doors on Sunday! After just one lesson! It was great! Just one of the many experiences this week! I Love being a missionary!
Elder Collins

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hola~wait wrong language haha

Hey family! YESS you finally got my letter! 4 times the charm! Sorry its kind of an ugly one cause I didn't think it would make it haha. But I'm glad you got it! Well this week has been a good one, I'm back to the stage where im always tired! But its a good tired. We have just been working hard, my companion is awesome, and a great teacher so I have been learning a ton from him, he's like an Apostle haha. I got to go to my first MLC at the Tyes which was pretty sweet. It was great, it was so spiritual and it helped me out so much. And the food was pretty dang good too haha. I've learned so much these past 2 weeks, when your at MLC it just reminds you of the example you have to be to others through work and obedience. We have had a lot of pressure to find new investigators, thats been the mission focus. Our area was a little bit difficult but through long prayers with Elder Zacarias we have found people to teach, enough to hit the standard of excellence.I think I have made more improvements in myself in these couple weeks then I have in a while. I still don't fully know why I was called so early but I remember something that Joseph Smith said " When the Lord commands, do it" Thats what I go by.
We had an amazing experience this week we saw one of the investigators we found experience a real change of heart. She started out by really not wanting to listen to us.But We were teaching her neighbor at the time and as we started teaching and testifying, this woman slowly moved closer to listen to the lesson. She felt the spirit strong from what we taught and I could see her in the background with tears filling in her eyes. At the end of the lesson we felt really prompted to ask her to offer a prayer. As she offered the prayer she cryed like a baby, shes had a hard life and was so happy. Her whole countenance changed, as we walked away she said,"Hindi kayo nagkamali pumunta dito" (You didnt make a mistake coming here) she now is happy to see us everytime. Its crazy that a simple strong testimony of our Fathers love can change someone. Ill remember that day for a long time. Love you family.
Elder MC
                                                           couple of gwapos

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Imus Life.....

Man what a week. This week has almost been as long as my first week in the Philippines! haha So many changes! This past Wednesday I was transfered to Imus Bacoor to be ZL2 with Elder Zacarias. Yeah son, Im back to the city. haha it was different going from Naic to Bacoor. Everything is so much closer, haha and The traffic is a lot worse haha, there is even like people traffic haha. My new companion is Elder Zacarias, hes a stud. I thought I had gotten to be a pretty good teacher, Nope hes an amazing teacher. haha hes an all around good missionary. But he is super quiet and spiritual all the time, but its chill with me. He was supposed to be AP but it didnt happen and he got a little discouraged because instead hes training me. hahah But Im super stoked to learn from him, theres a ton of things that he will help me better at in teaching and leading. Well heres the harder part. When I got here it turns out they had just split this area, and Elder Zacarias had to give up their 2 strongest progressing areas to new missionaries. So we were left with an area that hadn't been worked in like at all. Sooooo were pretty much shotgunning again. haha oh man its okay im used to it. So he gave away all the baptismal canindates, and recent converts. So we have not to much. But its all good, Heavenly Father knows there is an area that needs strengthening and he called us to do it. He wont let us down. Well also being a new zl is very busy haha. Just more paperwork, calls, and other things. We usually dont finsh till like 10 or 10:15, so right after its straight to bed. So its been very tiring, and very humbling. I have so much more to learn. Thats all I wanna do is just learn. Learn how to better teach the gospel, learn how to better be a servant and leader of  Bacoor Zone. So great things are hard and tiring sometimes and your always sore, but while your serving none of that matters, I love it! Also I want to give a shout out to the Millers! I got your package! Thank You! You guys are keeping me alive out here! I love you all!  
Elder MC

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Letter From President Tye

Transfers again!

Hey family!!!!! Well this week was pretty normal!! Until today hit haha. Well this week we applied what President Tye said about the finding new people to teach. The new revelation from the lord is that we should set apart time from 4 to 6 in our day just to find people to teach! So we knew if it was from the lord then we should do it, and WOW we saw the blessings! We were able to find 14 new investigators this week, half already progressing! Its awesome, and its good for Elder Leaupepetele since he is going to be training. We set him up with a good teaching list! Well if he is training then of course I know im leaving! I'm a little bummed about that because we have scheduled 6 baptisms for the first and second week of September! So I was worried about where I was heading next. Well we woke up this morning played some basketball, came back and studied, right after studies I got a call from President Tye, I was called to be a Zone Leader in Bacoor! What??? haha im freaking out, but super excited! Baccor is like right next to the office. So thats my future for next transfer, I'm super nervous cause its early, but if thats what Heavenly Father wants, ill do my best! Man tranfers are always so bitter sweet. Ive had some hard but very spiritual experiences in Naic. Especially this week when we were able to teach a lady with a bone disease about the plan of salvation. Ive havent felt the spirit stronger then when we heard her pray. Great week! Man I love life.
 Love, Elder MC
                                         Family Home Evening With TheRosales Family

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The little things

Hey family!! How the heck are ya?!?!
Well this week has been pretty normal. We have just been working hard! We have a family that we are working with that we just love! The Rosales family. They are the family that I told you that we found and taught just the kids because their mother is in Hong Kong. Well after our second visit we found out that their mother was just recently baptized a member of the church! And she wants her kids to do the same. Its awesome how missionary work in another country can affect us in our work. I am so grateful for those missionaries in Hong Kong doing great work. Well this family started out a little hard because they were only listening because their mother wants them to. But through our lessons they started to really feel why their mother was so happy. They felt the love of the members at church, and they are doing very good now. I hope I will be there to see them get baptized! But who knows, because 10 minutes ago my companion just got a call, and he's training!!!! So now we will be splitting this coming transfer! Im going to miss him, we have gone 18 strong weeks together, and havent fought once! We have had some hard times together in this area, but we have done well, and I am grateful to be his companion, to be his Samoan brother. 
Well We have had two baptisms this past two weeks, and 5 more in Sept. so we have felt pretty good. But theres always more to do. The missionaries got a message from President Tye saying that we need to do better with finding new investigators. And at first I was like we just got a baptism cmon, but the spirit humbled me, and said, theres always more work to do. That is so true!  We were working so hard with the people we already have that we lost our focus on the other lost sheep. Reminds me of the words of my favorite hymn, 221 Dear To The Heart Of The Shepherd. Green are the pastures inviting: Sweet are the waters and still. Lord, we will answer thee gladly, "Yes, blessed Master, we will! Make us thy true under-shepherds: Give us a love that is deep. Send us out into the desert, Seeking thy wandering sheep." There are so many people walking around I would be selfish not to tell them the good news. Well we are going to Tagaytay again today, this will be my 3rd time ha ha I'm still excited! Love you all!
Elder MC    

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Man.... what a week!

Soooo this week was pretty great!!! Loved it! But first I cant believe school is starting soon! That's crazy, I hope Sam does good at Summit, does that mean my brothers going to wear a uniform to school? whaaaat? hahah, and Max at Corner Canyon, I probably would of gone to Corner Canyon too haha. And Anna at Indian Hills! haha your all going to schools that I never went to haha! And Reg off at college of course, I'm praying for you all to have a great start. Looks like you guys had a good week, mine was pretty good too! haha
Well where to start, we just had a good week of work, and we had a baptism again on Saturday! It was sweet, we combined with our zone leaders for the service and baptized 7 in one day! 2 (john Marquez and Aaron Cruz) from us, and 5 from them. Yes I had the opportunity to dunk my man John France! He's a great kid, I love teaching future missionaries, I hope that's something I get to see 4 years from now, is them serving missions. That's my joy. My testimony strengthens so much every time I see someone take those imperfect steps to the Savior to become perfect in him. This area was rough at first, but we never lost faith and the fruits came. We also got another family hopefully to baptize in September, so now I don't wanna leave haha! Another great spiritual experience we had is that about three weeks ago we were having a rough day, we just couldn't get anyone to let us in, so we sat under this tree to rest in the hot sun. We were pretty beat up and the day wasn't half over haha. We started talking to this little boy who looked homeless but knew the missionaries, he asked if we could teach his lola (grandma) we had nothin to do and the spirit told us to go. We followed this kid in to this far back alley to this small home. The grandma immediately saw us and said "no no no, I cant go to church!"haha We talked to her, turns out she was baptized in 1973 and has been less active for 30 years! We taught her and she immediately felt the spirit. And she prayed for the first time in a while. She still couldn't promise us she would come to church, well.... for the last three weeks she has came to church! What great faith, the lord knew she just needed to be visited and to feel the spirit again. Also she has fiery orange hair! haha. Well the last thing that happened is I got to spend the day with President Tye! We finally got an appointment to get Elder Leaupepeteles head checked out. Pres.Tye drove us up to Alabang Cavite, or pretty much Manila to the hospital. Well it turned into a whole day and we ended up being able to eat lunch at the mission home! :) Good day and I had a good time with President Tye! It was a great week!
 Love, Elder M C
                                                                   All In White

Family Home Evening at a members house

Yeah we got matchun ties!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Im 19.....WHAT?

HEY FAM!!! First of all, I want to thank everybody for the emails, and on the way packages and presents! You guys are the best, im very blessed! Also for the video, I think I teared up a bit, haha I loved it! Well....... IM 19! its crazy! haha I thought id be 18 forever. Its also so crazy to think that my next birthday will be spent at home with all you! Where has the time gone????!! Having a birthday on the mission is kind of hard because your so far away from your family, but I dont think ive felt closer to my Heavenly Father before. I love being a missionary, and honestly the best present I had on my birthday was a good Sunday of fasting, and sacrament sounds wierd right, last year I would of been pretty mad if my birthday was Sunday but I loved it. We had 8 investigators at church yesterday, and 7 less actives. It was great. This week we have picked up a couple more baptismal dates too. We found a family who's father died, and mother is working in Hong Kong, the missionaries in Hong Kong baptized the mom. and now the mom wants us to baptize the family! Its awesome! We also have another baptsim this week!! Well another two, but ones only 8 years old! Bro. John France Marquez is being baptized. He is 16  and his father works on a cruise ship so he only comes home every 9 months. Even though this kid is 16, he has made some bad choices in his life. He got hooked to like gangster stuff, and started following the example of his idol, Wiz Khalifa haha. But it was amazing to see the repentance process with this young man. Who I know will be a missionary some day. So we are so excited for him! Overall its been a great week. I love being a missionary. Its crazy where the times gone, I guess you guys were right, looking back on my first area and now, things have changed, and I dont remember the bad times anymore.
Thank you so much for everything! What a great birthday!
 Love, Elder Myles Collins

               In Samoa its a tradition to trash your best friend with eggs and flour on his birthday?
                              The nail salon in our area put my name up, they are awesome!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We had ourselves a baptism!!!!!!

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! How old are you now? ha ha How was it? It was Wednesday right? I hope it was good! You know I love you and all!! :)
Well This was a great one! Everything is good here now after the Typhoon. The electricity and water came back on finally! People are just working hard putting their cardboard or wood or scrap metal roofs back up.
Well you all know why this week was so good. We had ourselves a baptism! It was great! Sister Juliet was baptized on Saturday. It went really well, not the biggest attendance but man the spirit was there. From the moment we taught this lady we knew she was going to be baptized. No matter how many times she said she didn't want to. haha We knew she was chosen of god at this time. She has been through some rough things but President Tye interviewed her and was very impressed. She boar her testimony at the end and we were touched. She was very diligent in reading the Book of Mormon, which is a weakness in most Filipino investigators. She is about to finish the book and understands everything! She boar her testimony on the scripture that changed her life and feelings towards baptism. She read alma 16:17 " That they might not be hardened against the word, that they might not be unbelieving, and go on to destruction, but that they might receive the word with joy, and as a branch be grafted into true vine, that they might enter into the rest of the Lord their God." What a scripture right? One that I haven't even really noticed. haha But it touched my heart. sometimes we harden our hearts and we don't even realize it. If we open our hearts to him just like we promised her and the Lord promises us. "I will not Fail thee, Nor forsake thee." Good week!
Love, Elder MC

It typhooned, and everything is wet... and broken...

HEY family! So yeah as you have already heard, we had a typhoon here in Cavite, signal 3. And that bad boy was strong!! haha It was crazy to watch. It started Tuesday night and ended Wednesday like noon. Luckily we were just fine, but most of our areas here were beat up, Like every other house had there roof torn off, lots of trees fell, and some floods. So we spent most of our week trying to serve people. Also the power was out and the water all week in most of Cavite. So we werent allowed to go out at night because it would get like pitch black and we had to walk out to the boonies to get deep well water to use and we would shower and wash clothes there. But as of today everything is back to normal. But hey... what a cool expirience for me, It just stinks to see some people here that were affected. Some houses were like gone! Transfers were messed up to. I didnt get transferred, and neiher did my companion, haha were going one more round.... Its chill with me, haha.
   Well on the good side we have a baptism this week!! Its been a little while so it feels good after two rough transfers! Sister Juliet will be baptized! Im stoked, I also had a really good experience in church. So yesterday in church we had no power, it was kind of dark, and super hot. But it was great to see these smiling saints coming in to renew their covenants. Well we were able to get a generator going there just to have a few lights and the microphone to work. The second counselor of the branch gave a great talk on our pioneers and what they went through, and in the middle of his talk the power went out, and the microphone went off, but he just kept going and the spirit was so strong in that Sacrament hall. It was dark ,it was hot, and silent, but God was there. He mentioned the hymn 30 Come Come Ye Saints. That  is what the pioneers would sing every night. I looked at the lyrics in my studies and pondered about those words, it almost brought me to tears. They were able to say, "All is well, All is well" Even when times were not well, and they were not okay, They had the courage, the patience and the love of god, to say all is well. Even when it was not. Really humbling experience for us! Great week!
Love, Elder MC
PS. The power was out so I couldnt charge my camera, so I dont have any pictures of the damage, until after it was cleaned up.

                                 The wind and rain was so strong it was hard to get good pics!

This is how a real man washes his clothes!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh hey....your back......

Oh hey..... your back....
 What's up?! How was Powell!?! Still a little jealous you know, but its fair because I went to Powell 2 times last year! How many people went? looks like a ton of Reggie's friends were there! Pictures were sick! Well this week has been a pretty chill one. Not much changed! The only part that was rough is our two baptisms got moved back to the 26th! it stinks but its for the better.... She hasn't gotten her paperwork done for her certificate of no marriage, kind of like a divorce haha. Well im still looking forward to it. It will be a nice reward for having to shotgun two transfers in a row! haha. Well yes this week is transfer day. I have not heard anything yet so I honestly don't know. The zone leaders should call me to let me know within the next few hours where everyone one is going, Me and elder Pepe are both chill if we stayed another one, and chill if we leave. We wanna stay because of our 2 baptisms but whoever does come to this area next has a nice harvest hahaha. 
Well our spiritual experience this week was because this might of been our last week together we made a goal even though our area is tough to get our mission standards of excellence on everything this week, well through our hard work we ended up getting like 12 new investigators, and like 40 lessons haha it was a pretty good week of work. Well I missed you last week! Glad your all home safe and the lord watched over my family and friends!  
 Love, Elder MC

Cavite mission birthday party 
Zone Conference
Getting ready for zone conference  

Myles friend from the MTC Elder Christensen 

Email from July 7th

HEY MOMMA! Are you online? if not its okay. My email wont be that big because you guys are in Lake Powell and probably wont get this for awhile! But this week was a good one! We hope to truly have this baptism on the 19th! which scares me because the transfers are on the 16th! But its okay! whatever happens happens! Im just happy I was a part of salvation for someone in Naic. Right now im kind of neutral I dont care if I stay or go, I would do anything! hahaha but transfers are always hard so maybe ill just stay! haha Well my spiritual experience this week was because of fast Sunday. So I really took this fasting seriously and I just fasted and prayed with all my heart for many things to get better. I cant really explain it, but things were just rough. Well... fasting is amazing and my testimony was strengthened so much that he truly is there, things just started to come around and everything is better. The district is straightening up and everything! Heavenly Father is there, he's there every second, he's just waiting for leaps of faith.
Well today we have a big party for the Cavite mission, because we hit 1 year as a mission on July 1st! So we are having a bunch of fun and games as a whole mission in Dasma! close to my old area! I'm super excited to see everyone and party! Well I love you! Hope all is good in Powell, dont have to much fun with out me huh? and I want some pics sent to me!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


HEY! well first off...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I made you a little present here That you will see in the picture below. It seems my comp was pretty excited for you too hahah! He said he wants us to put together a package for you with lava lavas and stuff from his country and send it!hahah Ill let you know how that goes! Well I love you mom and I hope my present can just be me out here sweating my butt off! haha
  Well this week has been normal. We are just working hard. You know to be honest, these past two transfers have been the hardest transfers of my mission. Things have been rough for many reasons, but so rewarding. I feel I was given this new area and assignment to make me grow especially. Although things suck sometimes, I love every minute of it:) We hopefully will have 2 baptisms this July and I'm super excited for it. One of course Juliet, the one I told you about, and then the 14 year old kid I told you about last week. He is awesome and they are both doing great! Transfer day is coming up to in about 2 weeks! We will see what happens. We also had a zone conference this week, we got lucky and didn't have to travel far because it was at our chapel. President Tye gave some really good training. My favorite of what he said is that when he was training to be a Mission President, every General Authority told him the same thing, "Teach the doctrine of Christ" and he testified of that truthfulness. Some times we worry about lack of knowlegde or faith when doing missionary work. But its just simple we need to teach the doctrine of Christ. Thats what gives people peace and comfort. Helps them make sacred ordinances of salvation, and ultimately prepare them for the second coming of our Lord and Savior. Which is just around the corner. Love you all! Happy birthday for the 18th time mom, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! alma 56:48 and 57:21
Elder MC
PS Heres my present, we took a little time out of our busy sunday schedule to make this! haha sorry were not to creative

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where is the time going?!

Hey FAM! HOW ARE YA? This week has gone in one way soo good, and in another rough. haha. We had a good set of exchanges with our zone leaders. I went with them in their area, and oh man their area is beautiful!  It is straight up beautiful mountains and rice fields and stuff, but its also a super hard area. The other zone leader went in our area. It went really well because together we are starting to fix a few problems that are going on here in Naic. You know how we had that big thing with those disobedient missionaries. So what I didn't tell you is that its because of this branch missionary who is 33 and needs to get a life. I don't know how to explain him, but whenever he comes over missionaries just get disobedient, and this guy gossips worse than a Draper mom. hahaha and he has been saying some big old lies about me here to others. But anyways long story short that is why this week was hard, but we fixed it. Sometimes being a district leader is hard, cause your the fun sucker, and you stand alone sometimes. But I have also seen the blessings come from doing what your supposed to and this week was great with our work! We just taught like crazy! The new area we took is under control and were just killing it now. haha We hopefully have a couple great baptisms this July! I'm stoked this one lady Juliet is just awesome. I've told you about her before, she was our oym when we were shotgunning, and she is progressing really well! she has a date for July. We also just got this referral of a 14 year old boy  who was taught by missionaries before but he didn't have time because of basketball. haha but now he wants to be baptized and hopefully serve a mission! This kid is awesome. And reminds me of Max haha! Anyways, we are finally getting people to church and getting things going. The only thing I am scared of is transfer date is July16 and all of the Baptisms are July 19th! haha I don't wanna miss them! Well Love you ALL!
Elder MC
                                                     Elder Leaupepetele Birthday!
                          They let us go to McDonalds and this is what he bought everyone!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ulan na naman

HEY FAM!!!! First off Happy Fathers Day dad! I freakin lov ya! I hope my present can be me just working hard out here, I know thats what you want anyways! haha Being out on a mission I realized is sometimes like being a dad, having to deal with companions, is kind of like having to deal with your son im guessing, so ill just apologize upfront for all that crap I pulled back in the day haha.
Well this week was a quick one. we lost those sisters in my district, so we had to take their area, and it was like shotgunning two tranfers in a row! Again lots of area, little people! haha You can imagine the walking we do here. It's also starting rainy season so some of our area floods pretty good haha, and when its not raining it just goes back to 100 degrees! So we either walk a lot and are soaken wet with rain, or walk a lot and are soaken wet with sweat! haha 
But I can truly testify that after trials come blessings, becuase it has been hard, I thought my first area was hard, this beats it haha. But one day we were walking a ton, and the day was almost over, not getting what we thought we would, and as we were walking there was a sign that said.. " Slow Down, Men at work".. haha   I just thought, maybe I should just slow down, and just remember as long as I am working blessings will come. And they have! We had our district conference this week, and our investigators came! It was great, they were able to here great messages from the 70, Young Women's President and Elder Cook of the twelve over braodcast, and it was great for them!  When things get rough, your feet get blistery, your mind goes wild on what you can do more and what you can do better, we just need to slow down... and WORK and the blessings will come. I think most the reason I have that patience is from the great example of my dad! 
This week is also my companions birthday, and you know how Samoans party! haha so he is getting excited, and so am I beacause he's planning to buy a lot of food! haha 
Well I love you all. Especially my dad! 
Elder MC