Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Me and my main man...

Hey family!!!!
Well this week has been pretty good! Its been a great learning experience this week for me. Helping Elder Christensen get started as a ZL. And leading in this still broken area. Man I'm so grateful for all the new opportunities I've been given, even though they are challenging I have learned so much. I grow in spirit, testimony and person every week. 
Well being companions with Elder Christensen has been awesome haha! Its great to be with someone that you get along with no matter what and you know each others strengths and weaknesses so you can just work your very best! It is such a blessing, and we can be great friends and be exactly obedient while doing it. We were walking down the street yesterday and we walked past this little girl and she gave us both high fives and then yelled in Tagalog, ( thinking we couldnt understand) " those are my boyfriends!" hahaha it was funny. 
We have had some struggles with this area, but we hope and pray things will pull through for us. we have been focusing hard on church attendance, if we get investigators to church, game over... they will be baptized.
General conference was amazing, just like Christmas haha. I really like Elder Christofersons talk, that guy can convert any one haha. But they were all amazing. I actually really liked a quote from one of the 70 talks. he said " Acknowledge and face your weaknesses, but dont be immobilized by them" So true, im going to apply that as much as I can here, and become better every day. Love the Lord and his work.
 Love, Elder Collins
Handsome Street!!  

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