Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Same animal, different beast.

Hey FAM!!
Well this week was a great one as usual, no matter how many disappointments happen, it just always seems that we are happy. I love it. We have really been focusing as a mission and zone on getting people to church. like 90% of investigators that go to church get baptized. So of course theres a reward if we get a certain amount of people at church:) But we have a new little process that our mission is doing. That has been one of our biggest struggles in this area,is getting people to church, thats the struggle here in the Philippines! haha All of our disappointments have came from investigators cancelling last minute on Sunday morning. But we got high hopes these coming weeks! 
We had a pretty intense service project that we did for our stake president, we moved big rice bags filled with dirt, cement, and stone from his house to the stake patriarchs house. Man we were dead, I think we moved over 400 bgs! Great work out and we were just covered in sweat and dirt and sand and stuff. Then we just all showered of in the back of his house with a hose thing haha. It was a great memory.
Another spiritual experience this week is Saturday night we were walking down this road and I was walking in front of Elder Christensen and as we were walking I glanced at this lady coming out of her house, I felt this strong prompting to talk to this lady, so I turned around and saw Elder Christensen already doing it! It was a sweet confirmation that it was a prompting from God. Well we taught this lady who was super sweet, and we invited her to church the next morning. Well usually when we invite the first time they dont come. Well we were overjoyed to see her walk in the sacrament hall the next morning. Wearing a dress and everthing, it was so cool to see. Just like Joseph Smith said " When god commands, do it" and you wont regret it. Great week
Love you all,
Elder MC
Service Project

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