Monday, July 27, 2015

Pauwi na ako!!! See ya in a BIT!lll

Well the time has come! I really never ever thought that it would come, it feels like I've been here my whole life haha. Takin my name tag off will be like takin my arm off or something!...
I will forever be grateful for this mission. I am a new person who understands the need for Christs atonement, grace and mercy. Who truly understands why this church is true and not the other ones. Why Joseph Smith is one of the greatest instruments that God has ever had. And how important a living prophet is. I shook his hand twice when I was younger! And I didn't even care, oh I'd give anything to talk to him  again.:) This gospel is true I know it more than anything else.
The Cuevas Baptism was awesome too. We worked our butts off on that family, and it felt so good to baptize them. They are going to be great members of the church. Great way to end it.
My testimony has also grown of just having a good attitude about all things. There is no reason to have a bad attitude. The way we choose to look and respond to things makes all the difference in life!
Cant wait to see you all! I still cant believe it! Love you all See ya soon!
Elder Myles Collins soon to be Brother Myles Collins 

1 week na lang Are you kidding me? Email From July 20

Man why is time so freaking fast! I have one week left before I see you guys! Man I am stoked! hahah, sorry this is super late we had ERC training earlier which is just training that every missionary has to do before he goes. it was alllllll day haha. Then I left forgetting to email, so I ran back to write you before we went to work.
Well this week was a really great week! Lots of stuff happened. We had 3 exchanges this week with Bacoor, Naic, and Las Pinas. We got some work done too, and our investigators the Cuevas family was interviewed and found ready to be baptized! So we will have a baptism this Saturday!

Elder Matina (My Batch) and I had a fun finding experience on exchanges also. People are so kind and humble in Maragondon. We had been looking for a member on the CMIS list and couldnt find it we were asking around and every body was denying us. They said the house was next to a water shop and we saw one down the street, so we decided to walk down it, as we were walking we saw this lady on here front porch. Both me and Matina thought to ask her if she knew. As we went up we said, "hello po sister magandang hapon." She looked up and said with a smile "Pasok" haha. It wasnt the member but it was a prepared soul of our heavenly father. We taught here and her husband a great lesson and set a return appointment for the next day. Really cool experiences that happen just everyday.

Another awesome experience was this last Thursday President had a few small operations planned at the hospital the next day. And before he left he asked me for a blessing! I was pretty nervous, I had never done anything like that. Super cool experience for me. To bless my mission president. He's always so stressed, so I always pondered in the back of my mind who gives him a blessing? I didn't know it would be me.

With the Cuevas family they are our spiritual experience for the week. We have been teaching them since march, and little by little you could really see the change happening and the testimony growing. They have had their ups and downs in preperartion for baptism, but overall I think their ready. They have been inviting all of their other family and friends too to their baptism. They are excited. It was funny, when the wife had finished her interview the husband had his and she was just sitting outside praying he would pass, hah she kept saying, "uh oh hes not gonna pass hes not gonna pass!" But they both passed and are very happy. Im really excited to end my amazing mission with this baptism. Im having a lot, A LOT of mixed feelings about july 29. Excitement, but fear. Happy but sad, Bitter sweet. I have grown I think more than I ever had imagined since ive been here on my mission. My understanding and testimony of Jesus Christs atonement and gospel is strong like iron. And my desire to be obedient has grown also. I am forever in debt to my Heavenly Father for the time he has given me here. then the time I had here. Seeing the some of the happiest, and saddest things in the world. The poorest of the poor, but the happiest of the happy. Also the attitude that has changed since I've been here on my mission. Seeing everything in a positive happy way.

Catch you homies next week :) :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Weeks and happy merica day!

Hey Family! man its just gettin closer and closer, its hard not to think about it! haha. but a great missionary told me, if you think about it and count down, it gives you a drive to work harder with shorter time. That's what I'm going to do! 
Well this week was a pretty crazy busy week for us all! With MLC, and our mission activity, and also exchanges with Carissa and Alfonso it got pretty busy. These weeks are more challenging for our area because of lack of time, but with the small time we had we worked our hardest to teach our most progressing investigators. 
    This week was my last time to teach in MLC, and my last training as an assistant! 
Our work this week was small, but by the end of the week we were happy with what happened. We are continuing to work with the Cuevas family. They are actually doing better than ever, I really think they will be ready for the 25th, they keep bringing it up to us. They have been to church about 10 times now. 
I'm not going to lie, this past week has been a rough for me, a lot of trials hit. I'm glad that faith was the theme. this past week we found out that our RC here fell back again into his old habits. Also that the tatay of our most progressing baptism drank a little bit. All of it just kinda put me in a funk, but thats why personal study is so critical. I studied a lot about faith and weaknesses, I read my PMG, and it slapped me in the face and got me outta my funk. I'll always remember my 2nd tatay Elder Kesler, he always said we can be mad and sad, or we can be happy, the situation is the same but the outcome is different. Its all in the attitude, I got back out there and by the end of the week things got better. The little mistake that the tatay made actually strengthened his testimony more and made him want more to be baptized.  All in the attitude toward things, choose to be happy and it will all work out for our good. 
     My last experience was last night, we had made a goal to find an investigator that has been prepared. And because of all the stuff we had to do, there wasn't a lot of time to find. But last night after coordination we went straight out try to visit some potential investigators. Well it all ended up falling through and we couldn't find any body. Tough luck up until about 8:30. But instead of just heading home. We remembered one lady that we had kinda talked to a few weeks ago, well we had nothing else so we let faith guide our actions and went to her house, kind of expecting that she would say that its too late and to come back next time. She opened the door and let us right in! We taught her a good simple lesson, and she already has a friend that she knows who is a member. She said she was going to try to come to church next Sunday. Just a really cool experience to not give up when your tired, but keep going and don't stop till your done. Really good lesson learned, blessings don't come until you show faith.

Love errybody thanks for everything 22 days na lang!
Elder MC

Isang buwan na lang what?? Email from 6/29

Hey family! First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! Ill bring my Birthday Present on july 29, its called a "malaking yakap" you can google translate to figure that one out. 
Another week! I'm down to one hand on the week counting, haha. It makes me sad to think that there is only one month left. But plenty can be done in one month. And I know its going to be a great month! Work my butt off, haha. Well this week was a good, lots of busy things happening, with the emergency transfer, and taking Elder Haufano to get his license. He is now a licensed driver, haha. Its kinda wierd for him though because in New Zealand they drive on the other side of the road. So the Philippines is good cause it doesn't really matter what side you drive on! He almost killed a few people, haha. But he'll learn fast. We also had a couple of exchanges this week. With the Cavite ZL's, and the Dasma ZL's. Both really great exchanges.
        Well this week of work was actually really great! We have been really praying and fasting for a referral. And yesterday we got one from a member in our area. She even brought them to church. She told us that this is for sure a good one, haha. So we were super excited about that. We have also continued to work with the cuevas family. Are most progressing couple. They are great they have came to church 8 or 9 times now, we just are not quite sure if their understanding and testimony is enough. But this month we made it a goal to do all we can to get them to attain a testimony, and understand the gospel. They are really great though, they are so hospitable, the first thing they always ask when we get there is if we have ate yet haha. They read their assignments and all. They are always inviting all that they can to come join in on the lesson. 
     Another cool experience that we had was last Thursday. After we had successfully finished the emergency transfer we went straight to work and we had a good day. That night we had parked the car on the side of the road down this little street. We parked half on grass and half on the road, went and taught a lesson. Then when we came back to the car, Elder Haufano tried to pull out, and he couldnt, haha the right side of the car was stuck in this muddy swamp. So for a little bit a sat next to the car digging in the mud trying to find traction for the car, everytime we tried to push it ot it just wasnt working. By the end of it I was covered in mud from head to toe. haha Well we were parked next to a Jehovahs Witness chapel, and their church had just gotten out. I thought in my mind at first, "oh man I really hope they don't try to help, I don't wanna have to deal with them." Well I felt the spirit tell me that I am wrong for thinking that, and I swallowed my pride. And actually many of them did come and help, even a catholic man came out from his house and got a rope so we can push and pull at the same time. Well long story short we got the van out. I was really just humbled to see everybody working together in unity to get the van out. Didn't matter what religion, when you see an opportunity to help like that. You do it! I was very grateful for the kindness of those men, although we know as members that their church is wrong, we show charity and love for all men, and I bet that's what most other church's practice too. 
    And the last spiritual experience that i will share was last night. It was about 8:00 or so at night and we got punted, we decided to visit an old man we once taught a couple weeks ago. Well as we walked up to his house his nextdoor neighbor was really nice, she said hi with a big smile. Well we went to the old mans home and he was asleep. As we walked away from the house I thought of the lady that said hi. I said to my companion, "man that lady was really nice," I wanted to go back and talk to her but she was already inside her home, so I just ignored my feeling. Well Elder Haufano was like "well lets go talk to her" I dont know why but I lost courage for a second and was nervous to go up to the house and tao po. But we did, and she came out side we gave her a pamphlet and she said we could come back, and her whole family was really nice! I really beleive we were led to that old man just so we could meet that family. Im glad a didn't pass up that feeling to turn back around and OYM. And I fought off that tiny nervous feeling I had with faith. Really cool experience for me, just kind of hard to explain. 
This week should be a good week, we have our MLC for July, my last MLC and my last lesson ill ever give as an AP. We also get to meet as a mission on Friday to get shots! haha and watch a movie, so that should be sweet, I get to see every one before I go home. 
Well this week has been sweet, im just countin down the days till I see you all again! 
Happy birthday again mom! I love you so much and hope its a great one. Im happy to hear all of those blessings that have came, looks like all that fasting and prayer payed off. Love you have a great week.
Elder MC

Araw ng Aking Ama Email from 6/21

Hey family!  
 Well this week was transfer week! And you know how that is, haha. But it was a great transfer week. I remember like 5 months ago almost when it was my first transfer week. Man was I tired, haha and been tired ever since. But its a good tired, one that your proud of. It was sad saying goodbye to Elder Rindlisbacher, we were together for awhile, and we got along great. But Elder Haufano is awesome too. We have a good first week together, he's so humble and kind, and a great example to me. I have gotten to know him very well this past week wit all the transfer stuff. His look was the same look I had when it was my first day here. But he is trying his hardest to learn everything quickly, and I am trying my hardest to teach him everything quickly. 
Its been pretty crazy thinking about going home, its so close but so far away, I'm having pretty mixed feelings about it haha. 

The opportunity to attend the temple this week was amazing, I was very grateful for it. I was able to put Sam's name in the temple, and talk with the lord about him in the celestial room. Great peace is found inside those doors, and a lot of questions were answered and confirmed. 
. We worked every free hour we had though little, but we were able to teach some great lessons. The couple that we have been working with came to church again, that is number 6 or 7, we are just really trying to work on them understanding why this is true, and strengthen their testimony before anything. But I hope in July it will happen. 
      Also we are working with another family, we had just taught the Word of Wisdom to them last Friday, they have problems with all of them except for drugs, they said although it will be hard little by little they would live it. But our spiritual experience for the week was last night. We expected them to come to church because they were really excited to come. Sadly they didn't come, I was pretty bummed myself because my time is running short and all I want to do is help this family. The father texted us and told us that they had family visit to celebrate fathers day and a birthday. Well we went over that night and found out that the Mother had drank a bit, and so had the father. They very ashamed of it and we were too. As I sat pondering what to share, Elder Haufano and I chose the story of Alma in Alma 36. We shared his story and how nothing can be sweeter than repenting and changing your ways. The spirit was present. They felt sorrowful, and the good part was we helped them understand it was a godly sorrow. After the lesson the father shook my hand and said, "Iba and itsura mo ngayon, parang hindi ikaw ang nagtuturo." Which means "you have a different countenance right now, its like it wasnt you that was teaching." he said it with a smile. No doubt it wasn't me, it was definite that it was the spirit. But cool experience, grateful to be worthy of the holy ghost. 
Well its been a great week, im excited for the future. 

Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY, the only gift I can really give is myself, on July 29th 2015, and the person I've become. Yesterday in sacrament there were some great talks given on fathers, made me pretty trunky to see my dad. It made me think of all the times I told my dad to back off or to stop being so hard on me, also made me think of all the things I didn't do, because I knew my dad would get mad, also made me think of all the things I've learned from my dad, to many to count. I really can wait to see ya. Hope it was a good one even though what happened. 
Hearing about Sam was rough, I cant tell you the last time I cried, but I cried today, my little SJ, breaks my heart. But these past two weeks I've fasted for him, and I took his name to the temple with me and he's always in my prayers. Tell him I cant wait to see him too! Well I'm glad to hear hes okay. Well Ill stop rambling on now! Love you all Thanks dad for being an actual dad! Being in the Philippines you see a lot of bad dads, just makes me more grateful.
Elder Collins 

Monday, June 15, 2015

1 transfer na lang!! Whaaaat???

Hey family! Hows summer going, how was St. George? Well we picked up my new Comp last night! His name is Elder Haufano, he is from New Zealand, but he's Samoan. I'm super stoked to be with him. Its gonna be a good time. He's super nice and Humble, great missionary. Ill send ya a pic of us later. I'm sad to see Elder Rindlisbacher go, hes been a great friend and example to me. But he is excited to go home haha, like really excited. you'll have to hit him up when he goes home, go to his homecoming. 
Well this week was a bit busy because of Zone Conferences, transfers coming up, new trainers meeting and all that good stuff. But I really enjoyed this week and the work that we were able to do! Teaching at zone conference was actually a cool experience for me. I really don't know if I've ever spoke in front of people like that, or at least been confident while doing it. I could really feel the spirit working through me in a different way as I was up there. Just like sister Tye, I dont think I wrote that talk, it was Heavenly Father that wrote it. I talked a lot about Alma 37:6-7, about how small and simple thing bring about great things, I showed them the difference in our work if we fail to do the small and simple things of daily obedience, it went pretty well. I hope every one got the idea of it and they apply it to their missions. I really believe that if we do the simple small day to day things of obedience we will have success and the spirit at all times. But it was a great experience, and I'm grateful for it. 
As for our work this week it is going well, we are continuing to work with these 2 families we have, we hope that they will be baptized in July. They are starting to really understand it more, we are just working on weekly church attendance, and word of wisdom. Then they are ready to go. With one family we had a great lesson with them, the father had a pretty big problem with smoking and drinking. But the second we introduced the WOW he accepted it, it was so cool, their faith as a family is growing and I'm excited for them. 
We actually had a really cool finding experience this pat Saturday. Last week we had OYMed a man who sews. He told us that his father was a member of the church. He said we could come back in a few days, we went back and he wasn't home. Then we kind of forgot about him for a while. Well during finding time last Saturday, we had gotten punted a few times and didn't know where to go, elder Rindlisbacher and I thought to visit this man. When we showed up he was there and his younger brother who was taught by missionaries before and was very close to baptism. They welcomed us in and we shared the restoration, he had already knew the story of Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. He invited us to teach him and his family next Saturday. The cool part was that the brother rarely visits his older brother, he just felt he should that day, how cool is that? I know that that was the reason he was prompted to visit his brother that day. The spirit works in mysterious ways, this is his work, no doubt, if we are faithful he will guide us and we will be his will, his hand, his mouth. Really great experience.
Well I'm excited for another transfer week! haha its gonna be a busy one as usual, I have a lot to teach Elder Haufano before I leave too. Its going to be a great last transfer, I can feel it!

MANILA BOUND..../Email from June 8th

HEY HEY HEY! Sorry I'm late again! We actually had our x rays for our going home batch up in Manila. I had to get 23 of us up to Manila and back! Its was a crazy day. Elder Christensen, Jenkins, Johnston, Jimeno, and Calaunan rode together in our van. While the others went with some area drivers. Well long story short I've driven that route like 5 times. But I got lost earlier!! Like reeeeeally lost! haha Just one wrong lane change, or turn or something and we ended up way far around the end of Manila into Quezon city! In like the Compton of Manila. It was crazy, it took us like 2 hours to ask our way around and eventually make it back on track! haha oh man.

Well this week was a great week. This past Tuesday Elder Baylon and I were able to go on exchanges in Las Pinas. It was a great day. They are going to have a lot of success in the future. It was really spiritual for me to go back and see some of these people that I taught and prepared, and now there baptized. So cool to see your hard work pay off now that they are active in the church. Especially the Lachica Family. Amazing with all these rough trials they are going through they are still active in the church. They are a great source of strength and Humility. 

We have been continuing to work with these families that we have been teaching. Because of MLC and other things we did have a whole lot of time to get out there. But every hour we got to work we focused with them. Both of these families have been taught many times and are attending church, we are really just working on their testimonies of the gospel. So no matter what they stay strong. But I know its gonna happen soon. We had a really good lesson with the Reforsado family this week, we were able to teach the fathers other two daughters who don't live with him. It was really cool to see how great of an example he was being to his children. Instead of joining in in drinking parties and stuff, hes a family man. Although his two older kids thought it was lame at first that he was listening to us, they ended up really being interested in the lesson, just because of him. That's when you know an investigator is progressing, when you can see the gospel change them. They are some of Gods Elect I know it. 

Well it was a pretty crazy day. Getting all 23 of us to Manila and back. Plus getting lost over there. haha I really don't know what happened just not paying attention, or just one wrong lane and it threw our whole route off. haha But I learned a good gospel lesson from it. Just one wrong turn, or one wrong lane, or not paying attention enough in life can throw our whole life on a different path, a path that we don't want to go down. Just like in 3 nephi, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye must watch and pray always, lest ye be tempted by the devil, and ye be led away captive by him." It wasn't till I found myself in prayer that we started to get on the right path. We always need to be watching our paths, to make sure were on the right one. :)

We also have two Zone conferences this week! I have to do training in both of them! Which means giving a talk to our whole mission. It will be my last one! I'm pretty nervous, I am no public speaker! But well see how it goes, I've got some ideas! Then transfers are next week. Man time is flying. 1 transfer left! WHAAAA? LOVE YOU, --E. Collins


Bato bato sa langit/ Email from June 1st

Hey family! Whats up? man the time just keeps going, Elder Rindlisbacher is down to his second to last week! haha and I'm almost to my last transfer. Its still hasn't quite hit me yet how close it really is. 
Its been a great week with a super busy weekend. We did exchanges this week on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we went to one side of the misson in Cavite city to do exchanges. Then that Saturday night drove all the way to the other edge of our misson in San pedro laguna to do another set of exchanges haha it was pretty tiring. But I had an awesome week ( like every week)
This past Saturday we had exchanges with the Cavite zone leaders. Elder Roberts came with me in the Molino area. It was a great exchange. We had been working with this family with a lot of potential, but they just arent quite there yet. So we wanted to teach them about what we need to do to strengthen our desire. Elders Roberts also gave an insight about the difference in believing and knowing truth. He told them that belief does not determine truth in life. I could say that I believe I can eat a rock and I will be strong from it. But thats not truth. We told them that truth comes only from God, and God manifests truth through the power of his spirit, for those who diligently seek it. It was a really good lesson, and we have seen their understanding grow.
We had a pretty cool finding experience a few days ago. We had decided to go finding in a subdivison that we hadnt tried in a while. As we were walking around the end of the subdivision there was a house next to this big river, with lots of land. As we walked past we waved to these two men sitting outside, they were nice and waved back with a smile. Elder Rindlibacher and I just kept walking, as we thought about it for a couple seconds we looked at each other and were like, " what are we doing?" haha we both turned around and went back to talk to them. They were very nice people. And meeting those two men helped us to meet 4 other people who all have come in contact with the church in the past. It was a really great experience. You really just cant pass any opportunity up, theres a lot of rejection but you got to try everybody.
This past Wednesday we also had a cooler experience with this investigator we had like 2 months ago. We taught her once but never went back until one day we were planning and saw her name. We decided to visit her one more time. Here name is Golden, we went over last week and she let us in again and was super nice, she accepted the invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Well like most filipinos usually accept the invitation, but only few do we didnt thank to much of it. But we prayed for her to recieve an answer if she asks. Well we went back this last week and she did! the first thing she told us was that she recieved and answer and was ready to be baptized. Elder R and I were super surprised. But we are excited for her.
We also have been working still with the family I talked about last week the Reforsado family. They are a great family, and we have had some very spiritual lessons w/them. The best part is the father has the biggest desire out of all of them! Well they commited coming to church. And I remember on Saturday night in the San Pedro apartment I knelt down to pray and I prayed for them with all my heart. They have so much potential of an eternal family, and I knew getting them to church would be a big step in their conversion. Well they came, Elder R said they had a great time and are wanting to come back every week. Their kids also had a really great time too, and made many friends, that night Elder R had a great lesson with them. I'm very excited for them.
Our RC brother Raymond had gone though some rough trials these past few weeks and last week he missed church for the first time since he had been taught. Well things have also turned around for him, he found a job, and he came to church yesterday, looking a lot happier than he had been. I hope the ward can really help him out to feel loved.
Anyways im rambling on, but it was a great week, I love being a missionary, and time is going way to fast! Love you!
Elder MC

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Late na naman!

Hey Family! sorry I'm late, things are just a little busy lately. Well another good week went bye. They just keep getting faster and faster. haha Thanks mom for the reminder! Well we more exchanges this week, and my last Interview with president Tye before I go home! Its just crazy to think about! 
I did exchanges this week in Bacoor and Dasma. Two zones I used to serve in. In Dasma elder Kaur is in elder Bachers batch and I was able to go with him in Dasma. Elder Kaur and I had a cool experiences in Dasma while finding. Just that transfer the Elders recieved a new part of an area that no one had really proselyted in. Well we decided to do our finding there. We were walking through a bunch of different alley ways really having no idea where we were or where we were going, but we just both felt the spirit guide us. And as we made this turn this lady saw us, and said "hey mormons", so we went up to here and asked if she knew mormons, she replied " I am one" haha She asked where the church was and we told she said she would come, she had always wanted to come to church but thought the closest church was the stake center on Summerwind. And she didn't have enough money to get there. But she was happy to find out there was one just one ride away. Really cool experience, the spirit really did guide.
We have still been working with two families for the past 2 weeks. They are both doing really well, Yesterday was the 4th time the parents came to church, but their son, we just haven't quite got him to come yet. They are doing really well and every time we teach them its always such a great lesson. The other family is also doing well. They are the family we found just two weeks ago. We expected them to come to church this past week but were sad to not see them there. But last night we had a very spiritual lesson with them. And really saw progression. We shared our testimonies of the gospel. And how important it is to Read pray and attend church as a family to avoid all the temptations and destruction of satan. Usually the kids are very shy and wont read out loud in the Book of Mormon when we ask, but this time they read! Usually the mother is to shy to pray in front of us because no matter how many times we taught we taught it she still "didn't know how". But this time she prayed, and she cried as she prayed, and her crying caused her husband to cry. That's when the spirit really set in. I never believed that she didn't know how to pray. That prayer had been in her heart for a long time. They commited to coming to church next week. And were excited for them. 
As the mission continues to go on, you always have those time where thing get really challenging, and times get tough, or you get discouraged. These past couple weeks I've felt that a little bit. But I have always enjoyed reflecting on the words of hymns. This week while doing studies with the Golden city elders, we sang "Be Still My Soul" and I never really noticed the word till that moment "Be still, my soul: The Lord is on thy side;
With patience bear thy cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In ev'ry change he faithful will remain.
Be still, my soul: Thy best, thy heav'nly Friend
Thru thorny ways leads to a joyful end."

It gave me a lot of comfort. Successful missionaries are faithful missionaries. Faithful missionaries until the end. 

 Love, Elder Collins 

Late again! :) email from May 18th

Hey! Sorry again that I'm super late for emailing. We had an emergency transfer and we had to help the missionary get to his new area and what not, it was a long process, then we had a few other things we had to do to! haha its been a long one! But its been a great week! Not to much has changed. We have started our exchanges this week we got two done and 8 more to go! haha I was able to do exchanges this week with Elder Dennison one of my homies on the mission, he's a couple transfers behind me. He been with me like my whole mission. Love the guy.  We also have a Zone Conference in June and we started planning for it. I have to speak and give training to the whole mission!! haha I've been thinking a lot about the importance of the preach my gospel, Elder Rindlisbacher and I have strong testimonies of the Preach My Gospel now, changing it to the center of our studies has increased our spiritual learning capacity, and helped us to stay focused. Along with the Book Of Mormon it can increase our faith and testimony like no other study material can I really believe it could change an okay missionary into a great missionary. Just like the gospel changes an okay man, into a great man, a man of god. Maybe that's something ill talk about.
     We have been working with a few families these past few weeks, one in particular is the Cuevas family, they are keeping all their commitments except coming to church, but these past two weeks we have fasted for them to come, and they came both times, we fasted yesterday also but only the mother came to church. We were pretty bummed because that would mean we would have to move their date back. But we know within time it will happen. 
So that Sunday after church we were a little bummed that they didn't come, but we had an appointment with another family that night. It was the family that I talked about last week that we had oymed. The Reforsado Family, Anyways we went to the appointment, and we were happy to see the father outside waiting for us. He invited us in and we had an amazing lesson and the spirit was so strong in that humble home. We shared the message of the restoration, and watched the video, it was awesome to see the parents, and the 4 kids watching and listening closely. They believed the message and commited to praying about it. Also said that they would come to church this coming Sunday. Its hard to explain the feeling that we had but it was a great experience, we knelt down to pray with them and all I could see was the Lechica Family from Las Pinas. Its great when the father is most interested, that influences the whole family. We are excited to see their progress in this gospel and how it changes their family. There truly is no better feeling than teaching a family. All from one simple OYM (Open Your Mouth) to a man smoking a cigarette on the side of the road. Who would of known that man had a great family ready to here the gospel. God loves everybody, we all have worth in his eyes, and although we didn't see it first Our father in Heaven knew it all along:)

 Love, Elder Collins
                                          Best Mission President and Mission Mom in the world!!! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Black OUT

HEY!! Its already transfer week again, I swear these last two a flown by like a fighter jet, so fast. I only have two left, and Elder Bacher (who is still my companion, Itll be our 3rd transfer together) has 1 left! haha it will be the first time I kill a missionary. :) 
So man its been an interesting week. So I guess ill start out with the funny part of the week! 
Well you know how I'm ALWAYS the one to get hurt. Well still true on the mission, we were playing basketball this last Friday morning, and one of the other elders elbowed me right on the eye, well there was a decently big gash bout an inch long, hahah so that afternoon I went to the hospital to get it glued up. Now I look like I was the one who fought Manny Paquiao this last week! haha. But its all good I'm still able to work and everything, he said by next week I could take the glue off and its should be okay. haha yeah I know what your all gonna say! It's always me :) But its been a good week. 
Other than that we had a few training meetings that we did, and last night was our fireside for the going home missonaries this transfer, is gonna be a pretty crazy week! But we get to sleep at the hotel up in Manila on Tuesday night which will be sweet! 
We had a kinda cool experience this week last Monday night when we went to work. Well we had been teaching a man who was super ready for baptism Brother Silverito, we just had to finish his lessons. Well we visited him a few times and he wasn't home, then on Monday night we went again and found out that he had moved to Las Pinas. So we were pretty bummed about that, but once we find his address there well be sure to send missionaries his way. Even though its sad he's gone, I got no doubt that he will be baptized over there. Well the cool part was when we were heading to our next appointment a bit depressed Elder Rindlisbacher had the impression to drop by an old investigator that we really hadnt been teaching any more. Well as we pulled up and got out of the van, right as we turned around there was this couple, and an old lady standing outside that waved to us. And of course first reaction is OYM. So we did, and the old lady had met missionaries before, when her father was still alive she said the missionaries would come over and give him blessings. And the other couple had never met Mormons before, but were interested in hearing our message. We plan to teach them this week. Really cool how the Lord is always watching out for us, we just gotta listen.
Throughout my mission I have also grown in my testimony of fasting, we are one of the companionship's who fasts each Sunday. And I've come to see how powerful it is. We have been working with a family that we found last March, who has such great potential, they had came to church the first time we taught them. But from then on they kept getting distracted with other things, and although they are reading everthing and really progressing, we hadnt been able to get them to church. Well this week we felt they finally understood when we taught them lesson 3 on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also fasted this Sunday for them to be able to come, even though there was the Manny Paquio fight. Well when church started, we didn't see them, but I still had a good feeling. Well all of sacrament meeting went bye and nothing. When the meeting was over, we turned around and saw them all the way in the back! I was so happy to see them, apparently they were there the whole time but we didn't see them, but they sat by a member that we didn't even know they knew. I hope they continue to come, they seem to finally get the big picture of things. Fasting truly is powerful if we do it the right way, its blessed my life big time.
I'm excited for transfer day this week, gonna be a busy one with MLC too, but it should be fun! 
 Love, Elder Collins

                                                    The Petersen's bought us pizza today!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Manila na naman!/ Email from April 27

Hey sorry its been a pretty busy day! That's why I'm so late, today we took some elders and sisters to Manila for x rays and other going homes stuff. Transfers is already next week! WHAAAT??? Man they keep getting faster and faster. I only have two transfer left! Anyways we woke up at like 4 am this morning and didn't finish till like 1;30pm. So I'm pretty beat. haha both me and elder Bacher are getting kind of tired haha. We are wiped out like everyday. But you just gotta follow what the lord wants. 
Anyways its been a great week. More meetings than work, we taught at a specialized training this week. And also a follow up training meeting for new missionaries. We also had our transfers meeting with President, and will have another one tomorrow. Its pretty cool sometimes to be behind the scenes of transfers. Be able to help out and stuff.
Also this past Tuesday elder Christensen and I went on exchanges! It was super sweet! He's out in the really jungle part of Cavite. Its like paradise out there! But he came and worked with me here and it was awesome, good to be back with him. Also we found out we are both scheduled to go to Newport Beach at the same time! 
 This past Sunday we were able to see our recent convert Raymond bless the sacrament for the first time. It was so cool to see the excitement on his face. A couple weeks ago he copied down the sacrament prayer and practiced it everyday so he could do it right. He has such great potential to be a leader in this church. He still lacks knowledge, but has a lot of faith. I know once he gains more knowledge, he will be a great teacher, and disciple of Christ. 
Our work has been doing okay this week, due to the meetings and things we had this week we lost some time to work. But the time we had it was good. We have still been teaching a few families that have been doing well. We had a great experience while on exchanges while watching the restoration video with a family. After the video the mother was very touched by his experience. She teared up talking about it. It's great that we have those kind of tools to not just explain it, but to show it so people can see, what a blessing. We have been also been working with Brother Silverito, our potential Melchizedek priesthood holder. He's still doing great, we are just working on really getting him to understand the lessons. But he should be baptized this May! 
Love you family! sorry not much today,I'm pretty beat! 
 Love~elder MC

Tatlong Buwan na Lang.....Whaaaat?/ Email from April 19

Hey Family!! Man what a great week. 
This week we had exchanges, I forgot to tell you that Elder Leuapepetele, my old soa. He was called to be a Zone Leader this last transfer, he shotgunned in Rosario area. Well I got to go on exchanges with him this last Thursday! It was so much fun. Man do I miss that guy. He has really became a great missionary, im proud of him. 
I also went back to Imus this Sunday on exchanges with Elder Calaunan, haha it was weird to be back, I saw my recent converts and stuff, and the Soriano family! That awesome family that always fed me and Elder Christensen. (the on that sent that video to Christensen's mom of us on Christmas) haha. It was a good day. 
We have also had a great week of work this week. We found a lot of great people. We have been teaching a potential Melchizedek priesthood holder who is super ready for baptism,Brother Silverito, we are just trying to help him understand all of the lessons before he gets baptized. Well his baptism was suppose to happen this Saturday, but last week he went back to his province because of a death in the family and wasnt able to make it back in time for his interview, so we decided to wait till next week to make sure. But hes a great man, he even found the church in his province and went to General Conference over there. We were really happy to hear that. 
We had a cool experience this past week with finding a prepared soul. We had tried to contact and teach a referral given to us by a member. She lives with the member in their home. Well we went one night to teach them and they werent their, which was odd because they told us too come. Well we didnt want our time to be a sayang (wasted), so we looked for people to OYM. We saw this man with his back faced to us a little ways away down an alley. We both felt the impression that even though his back was turned to go and talk to him. Well of course we did, and he was a very kind man. He told us that he felt most religions right now say they are right but lack things, and that there should only be one church of god, and he was still searching, even though he was a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo church. Well we shared a little bit with him and he told us to come back another time. Well yesterday Elder Rindlisbacher and Elder santillan went back while on exchanges to teach the referral. Come to find out that the referral of the member was dating the man that we talked to who lived down the street. They taught them both and it was a great lesson, they both excepted a date for baptism, and requested a copy of the book of mormon. So we are excited to continue to teach them. 
I recently restarted reading the book of mormon again, and Elder Rindlisbacher and I talked about this in studies, that its great to read the bible, and the D&C and all, But there is just something different when you read the Book of Mormon. A stronger spirit,a greater understanding, I learn so much more everytime. This past week I read in 1 Nephi 16. And I love the story of Nephi breaking his bow. Nephis example has really helped me out these past weeks. His faith and diligence is something we all need to develop in our lives. Through so much trial, opposition and tribulation his attidude and faith in Gods power is amazing. Everybody in his family was complaining and murmuring to God, even his own father! But he stayed faithful, says here.. 20 "And it came to pass that Laman and Lemuel and the sons of Ishmael did begin to murmur exceedingly, because of their sufferings and afflictions in the wilderness; and also my father began to murmur against the Lord his God; yea, and they were all exceedingly sorrowful, even that they did murmur against the Lord."
22 "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did speak much unto my brethren, because they had hardened their hearts again, even unto complaining against the Lord their God."
23 "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did make out of wood a bow, and out of a straight stick, an arrow; wherefore, I did arm myself with a bow and an arrow, with a sling and with stones. And I said unto my father: Whither shall I go to obtain food?"
24 "And it came to pass that he did inquire of the Lord, for they had humbled themselves because of my words; for I did say many things unto them in the energy of my soul."
Nephi, instead of sitting around complaning and murmuring because of his bow. He was diligent, and industrious. He mad another bow and got food for his family. Later in the chapter it explains that the liahona only works according to faith and diligence. They are lucky that they had Nephi there. Us as missionaries need to be like Nephi and not his bretheren, when ever problems or disobedience arises, we need to be diligent and faithful, fix the problems, exhort our brethern to humble themselves, and move forward. What a great strory.
I love the Book of Mormon, and the scriptures. I grateful for the opportunity to read them each day.
We also have specialized training this Thursday, well be training all zone leaders and district leaders. 
 Love, Elder Collins

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hey!! Man Was this a great week! So much stuff is going on lately time just flies! We have had some great experiences this week, I had the opportunity to go to a few different places in the mission for exchanges this week. We went to Carissa, then San Pedro Laguna, and also here in Molino. It get pretty crazy with exchanges because we have to do 10 exchanges in 6 weeks, plus all the other stuff. But its super fun to work with all these  great missionaries, and to see all these cool places! 
      We have recently been teaching another potential priesthood holder, who should be baptized this April the 25th! His name is Brother Silverito, He is a great man. He is the uncle of one of our Recent Converts, he's about 60 years old. His father is actually a member down in Davao, his father is 85 years old and still an active member. He has had a crazy past, he's been homeless at times. But before we had even met him he had been to church a few times and really wanted to learn about the gospel. He has very little knowledge of Christ and his teachings but is so humble and willing to learn. He is truly a great example of Christ's words, " Humble yourselves as a little child", He is such a humble man. All he tells us is he cant wait to tell his father that he is going to be baptized. I am very excited for him. 
   Another cool experience just happened earlier was our newly baptized convert brother Raymond has been doing great, and just been preaching the gospel to everyone. He was so excited to give us referrals. Well he gave us 7 referrals earlier that we taught and we were expecting like a family and stuff, haha the only problem is they were all children!! Like 8 years old to 13. We taught them of course because of all the trouble brother Raymond went through to set it up. Well we just taught them the simple principle of praying to our Heavenly Father. Well as we were teaching I kind of just got the feeling like there was no use cause they are just children. But we decided to invite each child to say their own prayer one by one. Well they did, and I was touched. These humble poor children were praying for things like, " Please help my mom and dad to stop fighting, it makes me cry." And " Please help my father to be healed from his sickness, " please help my dad to stop drinking" it was then that I was touched by their spirits. These children have hard lives, really hard. But they are still so humble a grateful for everything. The gospel helps anybody no matter how big or small. And I know those small prayers will be answered.
This past general conference was just amazing! I was spiritually full my spiritual buttons were popping. I loved every talk given, it really answered all the questions for me about the future, and right now in my mission. It helped me to evaluate, and to make new goals for improvement. A specific talk that I just keep reflecting on again and again is the talk by Elder Nielson of the seventy about the Prodigals son. He told the story of his lost sister, and how we just need to watch and wait, and pray that they come back. That's what the father did, just waited. What he said was something that I never have realized before about that story. He said the whole time he related to the other son who stayed home and his sister was the prodigals son. But at that moment he said "I realized that in some ways I was the prodigal son. All of us fall short of the glory of the Father. (see Romans 3:23). All of us need the Savior’s Atonement to heal us. All of us are lost and need to be found. This revelation that day helped me know that my sister and I both needed the Savior’s love and His Atonement. Susan and I were actually on the same path back home." It blew my mind, we all are the prodigals sons, we all fall short of him, but every day our Father just watches and waits for us to come home. And when he finally sees us approaching him, he will run to us and hug us, just like the father did in luke 15. So amazing and humbling to think about. 
I also liked Elder Hollands and Uchtdorf's talk on the Grace of Christ. To always be humble and grateful for his grace no matter how big or small our sins are. Just like the lord told Simon in the book of Matthew. It was all so amazing. What a great week. That was my last General Conference as a missionary. Man time is going way to fast, we have to slow it down somehow! 
Elder MC
P.S. Happy Birthday Anna! Girl I hope you have a good one! Your present will have to wait till July! I Love You!!!!

This is our recent convert that got baptized last week, Brother Raymond. He got all these kids rounded up and wanted us to teach them :),   so we taught them this morning after our studies.