Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Weeks and happy merica day!

Hey Family! man its just gettin closer and closer, its hard not to think about it! haha. but a great missionary told me, if you think about it and count down, it gives you a drive to work harder with shorter time. That's what I'm going to do! 
Well this week was a pretty crazy busy week for us all! With MLC, and our mission activity, and also exchanges with Carissa and Alfonso it got pretty busy. These weeks are more challenging for our area because of lack of time, but with the small time we had we worked our hardest to teach our most progressing investigators. 
    This week was my last time to teach in MLC, and my last training as an assistant! 
Our work this week was small, but by the end of the week we were happy with what happened. We are continuing to work with the Cuevas family. They are actually doing better than ever, I really think they will be ready for the 25th, they keep bringing it up to us. They have been to church about 10 times now. 
I'm not going to lie, this past week has been a rough for me, a lot of trials hit. I'm glad that faith was the theme. this past week we found out that our RC here fell back again into his old habits. Also that the tatay of our most progressing baptism drank a little bit. All of it just kinda put me in a funk, but thats why personal study is so critical. I studied a lot about faith and weaknesses, I read my PMG, and it slapped me in the face and got me outta my funk. I'll always remember my 2nd tatay Elder Kesler, he always said we can be mad and sad, or we can be happy, the situation is the same but the outcome is different. Its all in the attitude, I got back out there and by the end of the week things got better. The little mistake that the tatay made actually strengthened his testimony more and made him want more to be baptized.  All in the attitude toward things, choose to be happy and it will all work out for our good. 
     My last experience was last night, we had made a goal to find an investigator that has been prepared. And because of all the stuff we had to do, there wasn't a lot of time to find. But last night after coordination we went straight out try to visit some potential investigators. Well it all ended up falling through and we couldn't find any body. Tough luck up until about 8:30. But instead of just heading home. We remembered one lady that we had kinda talked to a few weeks ago, well we had nothing else so we let faith guide our actions and went to her house, kind of expecting that she would say that its too late and to come back next time. She opened the door and let us right in! We taught her a good simple lesson, and she already has a friend that she knows who is a member. She said she was going to try to come to church next Sunday. Just a really cool experience to not give up when your tired, but keep going and don't stop till your done. Really good lesson learned, blessings don't come until you show faith.

Love errybody thanks for everything 22 days na lang!
Elder MC

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