Monday, July 27, 2015

1 week na lang Are you kidding me? Email From July 20

Man why is time so freaking fast! I have one week left before I see you guys! Man I am stoked! hahah, sorry this is super late we had ERC training earlier which is just training that every missionary has to do before he goes. it was alllllll day haha. Then I left forgetting to email, so I ran back to write you before we went to work.
Well this week was a really great week! Lots of stuff happened. We had 3 exchanges this week with Bacoor, Naic, and Las Pinas. We got some work done too, and our investigators the Cuevas family was interviewed and found ready to be baptized! So we will have a baptism this Saturday!

Elder Matina (My Batch) and I had a fun finding experience on exchanges also. People are so kind and humble in Maragondon. We had been looking for a member on the CMIS list and couldnt find it we were asking around and every body was denying us. They said the house was next to a water shop and we saw one down the street, so we decided to walk down it, as we were walking we saw this lady on here front porch. Both me and Matina thought to ask her if she knew. As we went up we said, "hello po sister magandang hapon." She looked up and said with a smile "Pasok" haha. It wasnt the member but it was a prepared soul of our heavenly father. We taught here and her husband a great lesson and set a return appointment for the next day. Really cool experiences that happen just everyday.

Another awesome experience was this last Thursday President had a few small operations planned at the hospital the next day. And before he left he asked me for a blessing! I was pretty nervous, I had never done anything like that. Super cool experience for me. To bless my mission president. He's always so stressed, so I always pondered in the back of my mind who gives him a blessing? I didn't know it would be me.

With the Cuevas family they are our spiritual experience for the week. We have been teaching them since march, and little by little you could really see the change happening and the testimony growing. They have had their ups and downs in preperartion for baptism, but overall I think their ready. They have been inviting all of their other family and friends too to their baptism. They are excited. It was funny, when the wife had finished her interview the husband had his and she was just sitting outside praying he would pass, hah she kept saying, "uh oh hes not gonna pass hes not gonna pass!" But they both passed and are very happy. Im really excited to end my amazing mission with this baptism. Im having a lot, A LOT of mixed feelings about july 29. Excitement, but fear. Happy but sad, Bitter sweet. I have grown I think more than I ever had imagined since ive been here on my mission. My understanding and testimony of Jesus Christs atonement and gospel is strong like iron. And my desire to be obedient has grown also. I am forever in debt to my Heavenly Father for the time he has given me here. then the time I had here. Seeing the some of the happiest, and saddest things in the world. The poorest of the poor, but the happiest of the happy. Also the attitude that has changed since I've been here on my mission. Seeing everything in a positive happy way.

Catch you homies next week :) :)

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