Monday, January 27, 2014

Malilipat ako!

Hey! This week was pretty sweet so much stuff going on! Well first last Monday we went to Tagaytay! It was beautiful there! Just a ton of nice views and stuff. Its was way fun! Then that night I got a call from President Tye... and IM TRAINING! haha And im transfering! haha I cant believe im training already! But im excited im not sure where I will go but ill let you know next week. So im super excited but flippin out at the same time. I never thought it would be so hard to leave Bulihan. I dont wanna transfer, but I also do, definalty a bitter sweet thing. I will miss the Gutierrez baptism,  and all the members! I have a feeling im going to hate future tranfers! But yeah anyway moving on, on Wednesday I had exchanges with Elder Mole which was really sweet! And Saturday was the best! In the morning we had a service project in the middle of no where jungle it was sweet! We helped build a house for a family , guess what we used, Bamboo! haha then after we picked some fresh mangos and sliced them with a big knife. And saturday night we had our first baptism!! Super good experience. Julieta Abalos, she's awesome. Like 4 days before her baptism her husband went to the hospital and might have to get an amputated foot! And he was a driver so he wouldnt have a job. So she had a huge trial right before here baptism. We just taught her about obediance faith and how you don't receive blessings till after the trail of your faith. She just cried and said she knows that and shes going to stay strong. She went to the hospital the day before her baptism and she brought her book of mormon and to take her mind of everythig she started to read. When she started to read the doctor told her that he will not have to amputate! So awesome! Ladies got a strong testimony, im gonna miss her. But the baptism was awesome. Great week!
Elder Collins

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey! What's Up!

Hey! so whats up! So ths week was pretty much the same! I had two exchanges this week! One on Tuesday with Elder Moisher! Then one with Elder Creager! from my batch! That one was pretty sweet! I love Elder Creager hes theeeeee shyest kid you will ever meet! Every one always asks him why he doesnt talk and he just stares at the ground. But me and him are homies so he talks to me! We went to his area and because he was so shy I had to start and teach like all the lessons, And I didnt even know the people at all! But it was pretty sweet, two white boys with broken Tagalog hittin the streets! It was a good time. Well.... Im Gonna Have My First Baptism in the Philippines! This Saturday! Sister Julieta Abalos, shes 58 and shes dope, after only one lesson she came to church and she hasnt stopped yet, she pretty much had no problems with WOW. We asked her to pray for the first time and during her prayer she just started tearing up. It was awesome, shes like the perfect investigator. With the Gutierrez family looks like their baptismal date will have to be pushed back again, they dont have there cohabitation certificate so we cannot baptize them. I know right... But they are ready. As far as any other investigators go.... were struggling to find new people. But we are teaching a 25 year old guy named Bryan, who is fluent in English. So we teach him in English! But he wont commit to baptism because he has a strong belief in mother mary being a god and you need to pray to her or have her pray for you or something like that. But I think in the future it will be good. Well what else happend this week? Well today we are going to Tagaytay!! for our zone activity! Its sobrong maganda there! Ill have to send pics later tonight or next week of it! Super stoked! Also transfers are next week and word on the street is I might be training!:/ Which means ill be in my first area for 7 or 8 months! So if I am training pray for me, and if im not do it anyways:) haha Well my email time is a little more limited today love you! Elder C

Fitting 30 People In A Jeepney?
Exchanges With My Man Creager

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wedding Planner or Divorce Director?

 Sup! First off I want to Thank the Millers and the Truscotts for the sweet packages! You guys are thee best! Thank You! Well this week was pretty chill! Tuesday Elder Kesler went to Manila for an ingrown toenail so I had an Exchange with elder Moshier from St. George Utah. The dude goes hard in Tagalog! He is the best in the mission by far! He has been out about a year or so and he sounds more like a Filipino then a Filipino haha! He is a super cool kid, and he gave me a sweet language study plan, so hopefully that helps me better! And Kesler has to go back tomorrow so I think we will go on another one then too. Well this week was pretty normal! We did some teaching and some finding and some missionary stuff haha. But get this!! So the Gutierrez family is back in business now, they are doing really well, we have 5 baptisms on Jan. 25th! But we taught them about Law of Chastity, and found out they arent married!! Oh man always something with them haha. He had a previous wife like 30 years ago or something. And in the Philippines you cant get divorced unless the first wife dies, because otherwise its like half a million Pesos! So this next week im either going to be a wedding planner or divorce director!! hahah But well get this figured out! Im super stoked, if they pass their interviews and also our other investigator this week ill have my first 5 baptisms this month! ya! I know its not about who got the baptisms but hey... IM EXCITED! It makes me feel so good that I helped these people come unto Christ, a reassurance that im doing my job. It will be very cool. Another funny thing is we had a random family of investigators at sacrament meeting haha they were Korean! They couldnt speak Tagalog and little English! haha No one knows why they are here but it was hilarious! Well this week was great! Love you all stay sweet!
Elder Collins!


 My Homies From The Hood Of Bulihan!

Elder Kesler Took Out Some Candy And Got Swarmed!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Happy New Year! New years goes hard in the Philippines haha! I wish I could send you videos! Maybe ill send home my SD card so you can see them! But its just super loud! They start at like 11:30 too! haha Everything is just blowing up! Its not even like big ones that spread out they just sound like gunshots! And some of them were! haha and people just drag around garbage on their motorcycles to make more noise haha! Also people just do karaoke 24/7 full blast, and I have yet to find one with talent! But it was pretty sweet. Well that was New Years! Well to answer your question mom, we had a big struggle with the Guertierrez family. They have problems with WoW,  they have been doing good lately, and they say they feel good when they come to church. But we visited them New Years night, and sister was wasted! Just lying on the ground screaming and crying ( definalty not the fun drunk) and she started yelling "Ayaw ko magmormon!" I dont wanna be mormon! So yeah it was tough. Well on Saturday we were able to talk to her about it. And she felt really bad and felt like she couldnt go to church, or be mormon anymore. We shared with her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, about how when she repents we dont have to feel that burden of guilt and pain anymore. We told her how much Heavenly Father wants her to continue, and how much satan is tempting her. She still felt like she wasnt going to church the next day. But we just left her with our testimonies. The next day sacrament meeting started, and nothin. Buuut with 10 min. left they showed up! It was sweet! And they feel better and feel like they can do it now. So I hope they can! And another cool experience this week was we teach this less active lady who hasnt been to church in a year because she was offended. We share with her at least 1 time a week, and we have had some very spirtual experiences with her. But every Sunday wala. This last Thursday we shared with her the parable of the lost sheep, she told us that it was her goal this year to come back and sunday she showed up! With her less active husband, and her daughters baby to bless. And in fast  and testimony meeting she got up and boar her testimony. She said, " I wanna thank the elders for never giving up in me, and  I will read my scriptures!" oh man I love missionary work! Love it. Well love you all, ill try to send pictures but this computer is a piece!
Elder Collins

                                                              Happy New Years!