Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wedding Planner or Divorce Director?

 Sup! First off I want to Thank the Millers and the Truscotts for the sweet packages! You guys are thee best! Thank You! Well this week was pretty chill! Tuesday Elder Kesler went to Manila for an ingrown toenail so I had an Exchange with elder Moshier from St. George Utah. The dude goes hard in Tagalog! He is the best in the mission by far! He has been out about a year or so and he sounds more like a Filipino then a Filipino haha! He is a super cool kid, and he gave me a sweet language study plan, so hopefully that helps me better! And Kesler has to go back tomorrow so I think we will go on another one then too. Well this week was pretty normal! We did some teaching and some finding and some missionary stuff haha. But get this!! So the Gutierrez family is back in business now, they are doing really well, we have 5 baptisms on Jan. 25th! But we taught them about Law of Chastity, and found out they arent married!! Oh man always something with them haha. He had a previous wife like 30 years ago or something. And in the Philippines you cant get divorced unless the first wife dies, because otherwise its like half a million Pesos! So this next week im either going to be a wedding planner or divorce director!! hahah But well get this figured out! Im super stoked, if they pass their interviews and also our other investigator this week ill have my first 5 baptisms this month! ya! I know its not about who got the baptisms but hey... IM EXCITED! It makes me feel so good that I helped these people come unto Christ, a reassurance that im doing my job. It will be very cool. Another funny thing is we had a random family of investigators at sacrament meeting haha they were Korean! They couldnt speak Tagalog and little English! haha No one knows why they are here but it was hilarious! Well this week was great! Love you all stay sweet!
Elder Collins!


 My Homies From The Hood Of Bulihan!

Elder Kesler Took Out Some Candy And Got Swarmed!

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