Monday, December 30, 2013

Yooo! Happy New Year!

Hello! hows it all going?! How was Christmas! Mine was pretty sweet! Wierd though, they just shoot off fireworks for like every holiday! But Christmas was good we spent the day working and visiting everyone we could, then we were able to have dinner at the Pongyans, they are great people super strong in the church. Their 18 year old son works with us like 3 times a week all day! He is awesome. They live in a little bit nicer of a neighborhood out of the area. We ate dinner with them then on the way home we stopped at this elementary school, that had a homemade huge light up star! and in the middle was the nativity scene! It was really beautiful! Then we just went home! But good Christmas! Defiantly the best one, and the best part was talking to you guys! Awesome! Well this week was good, we did a lot of less active work this week! and the Gutierrez family is good! We had to push thier baptism back though, becuase we felt they were not prepared. But we have another really progressing investigator named Julieta, who is 60 and shes awesome, shes friends with a less active, and we are getting them both to come to church! Shes very spiritual, and she expressed how much her life is getting better because of this! Its so awesome! Well tomorrow is New Years Eve! We have to go home at 6 oclock because its gets crazy here. Im not sure if its as crazy as Peru but I was told people like to use their guns as their fire works haha! Im stoked! Its going to be sweet! I am feeling so much better! Im not fluent yet! But life here is okay now, I feel like I am used to being a Filipino, and every time I fall Heavenly Father picks me up and dusts me off. Love this place! love you all happy flippin new year!
Elder Collins!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Maligayang Pasko mga Kapatid!!!

Hey everybody! How's everybody Christmas season?! I keep forgetting its Christmas because there is no snow outside haha Well this week has been a good one! The Gutierrez Family is doing really good! The father is still struggling with the word of wisdom, he likes his dubies, and coffee. But he told us he is improving. Their biggest struggle is reading the dang book of Mormon, we have been teaching for 3 weeks now and they are still on 1 Nephi ch. 1! At one lesson we were so disappointed because we thought they were finally going to do it! But they didn't...:( So we just decided to read with them to get them started, and we decided not to go on with the lessons until they started. So we just shared our testimonies on how important it really is, and how much it has blessed our lives. We visited them again and Sister was in Mosiah 13!!! she said after we left she stayed up till 1 reading! haha I was speechless, this family is hilarious! But Jan. 11 is coming up and im excited! And we also have been teaching this older lady and her less active friend, and they are doing so good. She will also be baptized in Jan. We had the Ward Christmas party this week, which was super good! I was so surprised, everyone we invited showed up! haha cause every Filipino likes a good Christmas party. It was a good way to show our investigators that its not all serious all the time, but we are just normal people .Haha one funny thing about Filipino's is that they are always late! I swear they don't keep track of time! The party started at 5:00, so as missionaries we show up on time, and no one showed up till 6:30 haha and its just normal! It was way fun. Well this Christmas has been pretty hard and different, but when I am working I just forget its even Christmas! The thing about these people is that they don't really remember Jesus Christ other then Christmas time. I am so grateful I get to remind them how much he loves us, how important it is to apply the hymn "I need thee every hour" to our lives daily. Being on this mission made me realize how much I know that I have a father in heaven, who listens to every prayer. He knows me personally and knows just how to help through these struggles. I know that Christ is my savior, and his atonement is for us and through him, I will return to his kingdom. I know that the charity and love that Christ showed in his life is one we need to apply daily, not just at Christmas time. Being here with people calling you names, laughing at you, kicking you out of there house, its hard to have love for them, but the more I just smile and laugh, the better I feel, because this gospel is happy. And I am grateful to show other that happiness. I hope you all have a very Maligayang pasko! Mahal ko kayo! Stay sweet.
Elder Collins

                                                   Pics Of The Ward Christmas Party



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Done!!!!! With Training Ha Ha

Transfer Day! And I'm officially done with training! heres my stats for the 12 weeks!

Number of times getting called joe: 1,000,000 
number of times getting yelled at Amerikano: infinity 
number of times i heard duuude!: 12,000,000
number of times ive been asked why im wearing blush: 1 billion 

hahaha just kidding but really. And I did not get transferred! So 6 more weeks in Bulihan! But word on the street is im getting called as a trainer next transfer because elder Kesler will be going back to his old mission! Scary right?! Oh and sorry I'm emailing Tuesday! We had our Christmas party on Monday so they switched our P day for the week! But this week was sweet! So we finally taught that family the word of wisdom! I was super scared, but it went so well, and they committed to living it! Then the next morning the dad calls us and asks us to meet somewhere cause he had a problem, we were way nervous, and turns out he's having financial issues, and asked us for money. But its bawal, we cant give money away, I felt so bad cause he bearly has enough to feed his family. how easy it woulda been to just slip him a 5 hundred, its 10 bucks. But I couldn't,  we just offered our advice and service, we told him if he kept the commandments of god he will provide. Well after that, he got sick, and he kinda started avoiding us a little bit, cause we think he was embarrassed. But finally on Friday we sat down with them, their whole family was sick, and the spirit just was not there, He didn't really wanna listen because he was so sick, so I offered him a priesthood blessing. That was so cool. After that we left, Then Sunday they didnt show up to church, so we were pretty mad cause they commit and don't come. We visited them that Sunday night, and we started to share more with them, then like a light bulb just shot off in the fathers head haha, he was like, " we need to go to church......we need to go to church!....WE NEED TO GO TO CHURCH! it was hilarious, then he told me that night after his blessing he felt so much better! He started going off about bible things and stuff, telling us he is going to tell people he's a Mormon! and how who knows one day he will be like us, points to his pocket where the name tag would be, then grabs his Book of Mormon and does like a superman pose.  But then this week we had little success on finding people to teach, we went 2 and half days without teaching! Because no one wanted to hear from us! Well then Saturday night, we were way discouraged again and we were just walking home going another day with nothing, and just randomly this guy stops us, says hey you wanna come inside and talk, were like a heck yeah! And we go inside and teach him the 1st lesson, he is awesome, he believes that whatever god tells him to do through discerning his thoughts is right, and he's a reader, so he was more than willing to start reading the Book of Mormon, so dope again! We also had our Christmas party! It was way fun, got to see my batch too! Well love you family and friends! Keep it real!
Elder Collins



Pretty Good Week!

Hey errrybody! hows agoin?! Well this week was a pretty good one! No sicknesses so we got to work! ya! This week went very good our family is progressing talaga, but they need to come to church so we pushed there date back for Jan. 11 so hopefully we will have the first baptism of the new year! That would be sweet! And we have done a little more finding and came across a few new investigators! We also had district conference which I was able to witness our district become a stake! That was way cool to see it for the first time! Elder Ardern of the 70 came to speak. Ive had a lot of good experiences this week but ill just share one cool one because of time! sige! So we had had a good week so far getting in about 3 to 4 lessons a day. which is not bad, then we had weekly planning on Friday so we didn't go out till like 430. So we went out and got NOTHING haha no one was home! No one would listen to us we spent all night just proslyting! It was tough! So it was about 8:30 and were just alking down the street getting ready to go home pretty tired and discouraged. Then just randomly this couple just came sprinting up to us yelling elder elder! And they looked at us and were like do you know Tagalog? And usually I just say "conte lang" which just means a little bit. But I decided to just say yes! I know Tagalog. So they started talking to us, and they told us that their sister was mormon living in New York and that she told them they needed to find the missionaries so they could bless their family! So they thought she literally meant "bless" like laying on of hands haha but what we determined is that she meant bless their families lives haha it was sweet and all in Tagalog! Funny thing about it was elder Kesler was just talking about how he wanted to buy a big 2Pac shirt, and the husband was wearing a 2Pac shirt hahaha! ( 2Pac is a rapper) But it was just so cool how when you know you have worked hard and nothing is working  how the lord blesses you, and knows what you need! He works in wonderous ways and im grateful for the gifts he blesses me with, especially the gift of tongues. So cool! Well I want to thank everyone who has sent me stuff and the stocking was dope! I signed it and have been reading the letters, they really mean a lot! Everyone of them! Im struggling to only read one a day! I wanna read them all! haha but thank you! you are the Pinakamabuti!
Elder Collins
Dressing Up For The Holidays! 

                                                            I Didn't Fall I Promise!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yo! hello family! haha nice try mom, soo close but its Kumusta no A haha but yeah it just means whats up how are you pretty much like como estas. haha Well this week was alright! Elder Kesler is better, but guess who isnt! ME! haha I got sick Wednesday and Thursday! Just had a huge migrane, and stomach pains. I think the stomach pains are from the water and food sometimes  but whatd ya expect? I'm in the Philippines! Haha but im better now, the migranes come about every other day, and I dont know where they come from! But im just pressin through them. So thanksgiving here was just me resting  and my awesome Thanksgiving dinner was JolliBee haha Pretty sweet Thanksgiving dinner huh? Well other than that we had my first zone conference, that was pretty fun! I got to see elder Christensen again! and a few other from my batch! Well the work here is going okay, we struggle to teach sometimes because of the language barrier, and im not the best trainer, cause I havent finished my training yet?! haha But I'm studying hard, its funny my comp will start teaching in Tagalog, then just switch to Cebuano with out even knowing it so ill have to do my best to translate it or something! haha So we continue to teach that family and they are really doing good, we visited the other day and found her reading the book of mormon on her chair! It was dope! Never seen her do that before! One problem is they have a huge problem with the word of wisdom! The dad likes to smoke some dubies and the mom likes to partay. shots shots shots!  We had an appointment with them one time and we went and no one was home, then we found her at her neighbors house partying and singing karaoke? Well here every one offers you a shot! People will just be sitting in the middle of the street with some homeboys with a big bottle of something and they go Hey Joe! wanna shot?!  But we are planning on teaching them on the word of wisdom!  We have been trying to find more people to teach, which is tough but with the spirit, we are both able to converse with people. So crazy! I wonder what this language sounds like to Americans? I forgot, just sounds normal to me now. Well that was this week, as Dad requested I tried to take more pictures of my area! Thanks for everything! LOVE YOU ALL! MERRY CHRISTMAS! (its been christmas here for like 3 months now)
Elder Collins

Half Naked Man Waking Down The Street?

   Fat Tie Friday So We Had To Take Pics!
(Also I Got My Shirts Pinoy Fitted)
Got A Little Hungry On Fast Sunday......
Sunday Best!  


Monday, November 25, 2013

What? Its Thanksgiving already?!

Thanksgiving?! haha I forgot about that! Well I guess its the last week in Nov. so it has to be! I kinda just figured it past! haha Well this week was pretty boring till Thursday! Elder Kesler came down with Denge fever so he was pretty sick all week! So we didnt get out and work till Thursday! Staying inside all day is torture! haha I don't think ive studied and read more Liahona magazines in my life!  But when we were finally able to work it was my test. I was literally training my trainer, I had to lead lessons, area, finding! Scariest thing to do. But I prayed so much to my Heavenly Father, and read and studied. And its amazing what the spirit can do with you. I was saying things I didnt even know I knew, and forgot later! I had conversations with people, we were able to teach lessons together. I dont know how we did it, but I don't think I have any doubt that my father in heaven loves me, and gave me this new companion, this new trial, for a reason, and did prepare a way for us to work, even if its just a little bit. Sure we struggle, we actually struggle a ton! Sometimes im totally blank and cant understand anything, sometimes we have no idea where to go because no one is home and I dont know how to get places. But I dont focus on those things anymore! This week was also a heart breaker because what would of been my second baptism, Bro Alexis Vidal, he is moving:( When I found out my heart just sank.) Thats the second time it has happend to me, his baptism was scheduled for next week! But ya know as long as he gets baptized, and stays strong, doesnt matter who does it. But Heavenly Father made it up by giving me another cool experience. On saturday we were able to work with our branch president, Pres. Bautista hes only 30 and he is just a great guy. We went and visited this family that set a baptimsal date for the week before but usually our lessons are really hard because brother asks a ton of crazy questions and sister just stares at the book of mormon and acts like shes reading it, because she "forgot" to read what we asked. the kids are talking and runnin around dogs barking! Crazy. So I prayed for this lesson to go well because we were teaching about the book of mormon and I really wanted them to understand and wanted us to be able to speak well. The lesson went amazing, it was calm and spiritual, they just sat and listened, even the kids and the dog was gone, and we taught them and it was awesome. They usually say they will try to come to church but never do. But yesterday, their whole family came! It was sick! We were able to give the daughter a blessing, and she had a great time! Man its just crazy how much you start caring about people you have known for 2 weeks, or members of this ward, and your heart just breaks when you see someone fall away, or not come to church. I never thought it would be that way. I love dirty old Bulihan! haha Well on to something else that was funny, the water tower right next to our house pipe burst! So water was just spewing like a fountain!! haha its flooded everywhere, and for service we helped the workers try to stop it! Ill show you pictures it was hilarious. Also I gave a talk in church yesterday, that was fun stuff too! Okay love you all!! Merry Christmas! ( its already christmas here)
Elder Collins



Monday, November 18, 2013

Wow This Week Was Crazy!

Man this week was crazy! So the week started out normal ya know. Still trying to help out with Tacloban and get some work done with my trunky comp. Then Wed. they informed us that we would be receiving 16 new missionaries from Tacloban and that there would be emergency transfers for 1 area in every zone. But since im a trainee I didnt think anything of it because they don't transfer trainers or trainees until there done. Well I was mistaken!!! Friday they informed us of the transfers aaaand Elder ColCol was transfered to Montilupa! And I received a new trainer from the Tacloban mission, Elder Kesler from Laguna Beach California! So I was pretty nervous that I had only been here 7 weeks and already have to lead my area!  I was excited that he is American! So we go saturday afternoon to meet our new comps and he is just a way cool kid! But I found out people in the Tacloban mission speak Cebuano not Tagalog! So im freaking out cause now I have to train my trainer on the area and Tagalog! So its good that migrane medicine got here in time! Cause now I am way nervous! I  know when Heavenly Father puts a mountain in your path, he gives you equipment to climb it. So I dont know how we are going to do this, but Heavenly Father does!! Plus he is a super cool kid, he likes football and basketball, he went to BYU for a year so he knows people from Utah, including Lexi Ogden and Kenzie Carlston. He is way smart and knows 4 languages, Cebuano, Bisaya, and Warai , and a little Tagalog! In Tacloban they had to learn two other dialects other than Cebuano. So super magaling talaga! Hes not trunky, they gave him the option to go home and he said no. He wants to get work done, he talks to me, and we get along pretty well! He is a little shaken from the storm, you should here his stories, unbelievable:o So I think its going to go pretty well but we have not taught a lesson yet so im not sure how thats going to go... haha just cause we both are pretty low on the Tagalog level, but this is going to push my Tagalog a little more which will help me. Super nervous but excited. He seems like a really great guy, with a crazy story. So ill let you know next week how the work goes! Love you all! Thank you for everything! 
Elder Collins
                                                              Welcome Elder Kesler!
                                                   Taking The Elders To Their New Area
                                                                       Pizza !!!!!!!

                                            Elder Mole, One Of The Great Zone Leaders!
                                                        The Whole Acosta Family

Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey family! So I guess you all already heard huh? Yeah there was a typhoon that visited the Big P. it was insane! Friday and half of Saturday we stayed inside! Luckily it wasnt as bad as other areas, but its was definalty the worst storm ive ever been in! We were just sittin at home listening and feeling our house shake, and the doors flying around! And trying to fix all the cracks where water was pourin in .It was insane to watch and feel. I felt like I was Dorothy and our home was about to be taken to Oz!  Haha but no one told me it was the biggest storm ever! That probably would of freaked me out! Tacloban is pretty close to our mission, I think? I hadn't heard about all the destruction there, so I will be praying for them. I haven't seen the news here so I am not sure about what is all going on? But everyone in the Cavite mission is okay! How is Lexi? I heard there are crazy storms going on Legaspi too! I write this missionary from the MTC there Elder Poulton and thats what he said. Also I wrote lexi just bearly too cause its free here if its in the Philippines. Yes, my comps family is fine, he is from Cebu Ozamis City. And it wasnt close. And same with my roomate families. Well as far as this week goes that was definatly the most interesting! Theres not as much damage in our area as others but this week weve been looking for service to do. Which I hope we can help! I love service work! haha I dont really have a lot of pics because we werent allowed to go outside at all till it was clear and it was really dark anyway. I cant send any pics today anyway cause these computers suck! haha but I will try! Well love you family! Be safe! Write me please!!!! errybody!
Elder Collins

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sup mga Aso

Well this week was a different. I had 3 companion exchanges this week! Including today! One with our DL Elder Villa then another with Our ZL Elder Magistrado and today with Elder Mole our other ZL! Companion Exchanges are pretty much to test me and see how well im getting used to things. Its where you switch companions for the day, they sleep over and what not. It means I have to lead my area, which means talking to people, leading lessons and finding people and stuff. Its good thing my first one was on Halloween cause it was scary! haha Well I had to lead the area with Elder Villa and it was pretty fun! But super hard just cause I cant fully understand people quite yet so when I start leading the lesson and they talk back sometimes ill have no idea what they said and ill just sit there and then continue with our lesson haha. Also did my first finding by myself and that was way fun. Im not even close to being good at Tagalog, but im finding myself being able to converse with people a little bit and stuff which is way cool! But this language is so much different from English and Spanish that saying one thing could mean another! So thats a big struggle! I could want to tell someone that the gospel of Jesus Christ was lost and Joseph Smith restored it, but I could be saying Jesus Christ has no gospel but Joseph Smith does hahahaha. Its pretty sweet being able to converse with people though! This week was also sad because we lost what would of been my first baptism this month, because she moved! haha siyang!  But as long as she is baptized then thats what matters!:) Count it! haha Well Elder Col Col and Elder Collins are still the same but this week was interesting, so Tuesday was frusterating, the whole day we had 1 lesson, because no one was home! We decided to visit a less active for the second time, but the first time was like my second week so I didnt remember where she lived, but of course he just expects me to know, and so when I didnt know instead of talking to me and training me and showing me what to do, he just fast walked away like a mad man just mad as can be. When we got to her house and she wasnt home he was frustrated and he goes speeding off again through the streets of Bulihan, not even caring if I followed, and I lost him for a while. We ended up sitting at this members house until it was time to go, not saying a word to me. This whole time im just ready to explode, and had the biggest migrane ive ever had before this whole time. So we get home, get ready to plan, he doesnt say anything and just expects me to plan everything. So I plan, then as we were about to close I just exploded on him. haha but missionary explode not real people haha, and I just started telling him how doing that stuff does not help me or you or us! And how I need his help, I need his training and that doing that was not exceptable. I layed into him for a minute. I just couldn't hold it in. Then it was silent for a while, and he just said sorry, and he said that I was right, and I said sorry and we made up haha. But we still dont talk, and things are the same he just doesnt leave me anymore and give me dirty looks. haha sooo yeah. But to end on a lighter note I meet a guy from England with one of those strong English accents! haha We tried to share with him but he wouldnt let us. He speaks no Tagalog and he lives in Bulihan? whaaaa? haha well then we met with him again and he listened to our Restoration message and had a lot of philosophy of man questions haha then he invited us in for a cup of tea as he was lighting his cigarette and telling us how spiritual he is hahahaha oh man it was hilarious, Elder Magistrado had no idea what was going on haha! So ya they do not celebrate Halloween here, its called all souls day and its on Nov. 1st and people just stay at the cemetery all day haha But I got all my Halloween packages which was sweet! Thank you so much to the Miller family, Grandma and Grandpa and to my Mama!!!!! I pounded all the candy in like 3 days! Thank You!!!!! haha Well I love you all! Thanks for everything!
Elder Collins
P.S. This computer does not allow me to send pics, so it might have to wait till next week? Sorry!

Monday, October 28, 2013

What up What up !?

Hmmm what to say about this week! Well on Wednesday we had our follow up training meeting with the President and Sister Tye. I got to see Elder Christensen which was dope! I miss that kid. We got to vent a little bit! Turns out all Filipino trainers are hard. I also found out mine is one of the hardest. And my area is the most run down areas haha oh well:) I still love it. Well ya so me and elder Col Col are still on the same level. Pretty sure he still hates me, its funny he talks to literally everyone BUT ME!  He is soo trunky, cant wait to go home! He makes me lead the area even though he didnt train me on how to. When I mess up he just gives me a dirty look, and walks away! So he makes things hard! But.... I really love everything else. I love this country, I love these people and their kind hearts, I love this language that I dont know yet , I even love the exotic dirty food they give me! haha Its just that one struggle, and of course the language:) But im trying to break him! My migraines and stomach pains are starting to go away! But of course I developed a rash on my arms! haha oh I love it! Well this week we had to push back a few baptisms which was rough, but they needed it! Also we taught a few new investigators which I found and that was way cool! But it stinks cause everyone makes appointments then they do not keep them and sometimes I wonder why they don't , probably cause of the Taglish missionary that doesn't make sense haha, but I'm studying everyday. Well yesterday we had an awesome baptism! Brother Viscarra and his family who we reactivated last week baptized his son! It was so cool to see a whole family come back to Christ. The daughter who was about 20 who was also inactive gave from what I understood the most awesome testimony! So cool. We also have a progressing investigator named Vina Diaz, and if every thing goes well, she will be my first baptism this next month! Well we had a zone activity today, we played basketball and volleyball, pingpong, and watched a movie. That's why this email is so late sorrrry! Well im starting to love these little things. Ive come so close to my Heavenly Father and have realized how important prayer, studying, the sacrament and all these little things are. I love this gospel, I want nothing more than to preach it in this native language. I need that heavenly virtue of patience :)haha And no they do not celebrate Halloween here! Its Christmas time! And no Thanksgiving turkey haha:0 Love you all, especially my nanay and tatay and kapatid!
Elder Collins

                                                              Pics Of The Baptism

                                                                  Sunday Pics

                                                                     My Rash?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yo Yo Yo from the big PH

Hello! Hows it going? Well this week was good ol normal week here! We taught like 20 lessons this week which was pretty sweet! No big highlights! So here in the Philippines we focus a lot on Reactivation because, people are always willing to be baptized into the church, but then after that they are done. I mean we still teach investigators but our big thing right now is LA's. So we have been teaching a bunch of less active families! One including the Viscarra family! They are a family that we visit every Wednesday. The mother is active but the father and kids arent. The father was offended by one of the members so he stopped going and didnt force his kids to go. So he's been a LA for about a year or more. We share lessons about the importance of the sacrament and church. With the Bishops help we were able to get him to come back! It was way cool we were all just sitting in sacrament as it was just starting and we turn around and him and his WHOLE family were walking in! It was so sweet and they stayed for all three hours! Also we are teaching a few investigators too, and I got 2 more Baptismal dates! It was sweet! One is Brother Roberto Bobares he's the Uncle of one of our priests and he is a Born-Again Christian, so he had a lot of wierd questions, We were able to teach him about the restoration, well mostly Elder Col Col, but I asked him to be baptized and he accepted! Dope! Then the other is brother Richrd Ford, we were actually going to do a family home evening at their house because his wife and daughter are less active. She told us we could come over yesterday and share a quick message. So we get there and she ends up ditching out on us like she always does! But her husband was there and agreed to listen. We taught him lesson one and he was interested, so at the end of the lesson Elder Col Col turns to me and I invited him, and a little hesitantly he said yes! So if our investigaters progress we are scheduled to have 7 baptisms in November, so thats exciting! Well some sad news one of my good friends from the MTC goes home tomorrow, he had some things that he needed to take care of. Oh man it really makes you think! Well as far as me and Elder Col Col go.... its still the same, we dont talk, he gets way frusterated when I dont know what to do, he has me lead the area, which im fine with but when our appointment cancels and I dont know what to do.... thats when the flipping training should come in! Instead he just gives me a dirty look and just walks away and leaves me. Its super discouraging. So yeah things are still hard here. really hard, but im going off one of my favorite quotes from conference from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, he  said, " If the bitter cup does not pass, Then drink it, and be strong! And trust god."  Man I love it!  Im going to keep working on him, I think the more I talk with him in Tagalog the more he responds. Cause he just doesnt like English! Or me!!! haha Well thats sweet, I bet Reggie's homecoming talk was better than my farewell talk! But thats cool he's got 2 years on me! haha Hes looking for a job too eh? Well hopefully he finds one so he can buy his own clothes and not wear mine! haha And what the heck? no email from max anna and sam?! My host at the MTC emails me more than them! haha well love you all! Miss you like Crazy!  Didn't eat any crazy foods this week! Other than Everything haha! MAhal ko Kayo!

This Is Russel My Favorite Little Filipino!

                                                        I Love The Acosta Family!      

                                                                  4 Filipinos :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcome Home Brother!

Hello! sorry this is later than usual! My day consisted of 8 hours of jeepney riding walking miles, and more jeepney rides just to go to the Dentist with my companion!!! So I didnt get to email till now! Well this week was pretty much the same as last week. Hot weather, Taglish ( mostly english ), my companion disliking me, and lots of studying! Haaha but im slowly getting used to things! Well not gonna lie, seeing Reggie come home was the hardest thing ive ever seen. Im so happy for him, but I wish I had him here with me! I feel alone now that im the only missionary out there! Why do every time I open up my email on P day I start tearing up?! haha well this week was pretty busy! We had a zone meeting, and interviews with president which you already know about! haha it was nice to talk to them and your right sister Tye is theee best! Shes so caring! And I finally got to watch conference! AMAZING. My favorite was President Ucthdorfs talks. I felt like everyones talk was just for me! It was great!. And I realized how much we take advantage of those things. I am used to watching conference on my nice warm couch, and falling asleep. Well now it takes an hour ride to get to a chapel that plays it then you have to stay there all day. But so worth it, haha I took twenty pages of notes! Well when it comes to me and my companion things arent going the best. I feel like he truly dislikes me. We do not talk unless we have to, he gets frustrated when he has to repeat himself or I cant speak Tagalog, and our comp studies are just awkward. He's got 4 months left and he is already trunky. He always watches peoples cell phones and tries to watch TV when we are around them. I mean he's a great guy and all its just hard, but something that Henry B. Eyring said really hit me, he was talking about an old lady he knew who had a grandson who was a criminal and ended up in jail, when she was driving to visit him in prison, she prayed to god and said, "why me?" "when I have been so good why me?" and the spirit eventually whispered to her these distinct words... " I gave him to you because I knew you could, and would, love him, no matter what." Man that hit me so hard, I felt like it was for me. I can and will love him, no matter what.:) Well on the bright side, I extended a baptismal invitation and they said yes! It was sweet! Its this sweet old lady, we dont know her name so we call her "nanay" which means mother. But it was way cool, and I am planning to extend another one tonight to so wish me luck. This language is so hard, but occasionally I can understand when people are talking. Well whatever I say just remember that I love this work. I always try to keep a smile on my face no matter what happens, these Filipinos are good at that! Tell Reg that I love him and glad he's home! love you all! Mormon 9:27 is my scripture this week!
Elder Collins

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