Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey family! So I guess you all already heard huh? Yeah there was a typhoon that visited the Big P. it was insane! Friday and half of Saturday we stayed inside! Luckily it wasnt as bad as other areas, but its was definalty the worst storm ive ever been in! We were just sittin at home listening and feeling our house shake, and the doors flying around! And trying to fix all the cracks where water was pourin in .It was insane to watch and feel. I felt like I was Dorothy and our home was about to be taken to Oz!  Haha but no one told me it was the biggest storm ever! That probably would of freaked me out! Tacloban is pretty close to our mission, I think? I hadn't heard about all the destruction there, so I will be praying for them. I haven't seen the news here so I am not sure about what is all going on? But everyone in the Cavite mission is okay! How is Lexi? I heard there are crazy storms going on Legaspi too! I write this missionary from the MTC there Elder Poulton and thats what he said. Also I wrote lexi just bearly too cause its free here if its in the Philippines. Yes, my comps family is fine, he is from Cebu Ozamis City. And it wasnt close. And same with my roomate families. Well as far as this week goes that was definatly the most interesting! Theres not as much damage in our area as others but this week weve been looking for service to do. Which I hope we can help! I love service work! haha I dont really have a lot of pics because we werent allowed to go outside at all till it was clear and it was really dark anyway. I cant send any pics today anyway cause these computers suck! haha but I will try! Well love you family! Be safe! Write me please!!!! errybody!
Elder Collins

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