Monday, November 18, 2013

Wow This Week Was Crazy!

Man this week was crazy! So the week started out normal ya know. Still trying to help out with Tacloban and get some work done with my trunky comp. Then Wed. they informed us that we would be receiving 16 new missionaries from Tacloban and that there would be emergency transfers for 1 area in every zone. But since im a trainee I didnt think anything of it because they don't transfer trainers or trainees until there done. Well I was mistaken!!! Friday they informed us of the transfers aaaand Elder ColCol was transfered to Montilupa! And I received a new trainer from the Tacloban mission, Elder Kesler from Laguna Beach California! So I was pretty nervous that I had only been here 7 weeks and already have to lead my area!  I was excited that he is American! So we go saturday afternoon to meet our new comps and he is just a way cool kid! But I found out people in the Tacloban mission speak Cebuano not Tagalog! So im freaking out cause now I have to train my trainer on the area and Tagalog! So its good that migrane medicine got here in time! Cause now I am way nervous! I  know when Heavenly Father puts a mountain in your path, he gives you equipment to climb it. So I dont know how we are going to do this, but Heavenly Father does!! Plus he is a super cool kid, he likes football and basketball, he went to BYU for a year so he knows people from Utah, including Lexi Ogden and Kenzie Carlston. He is way smart and knows 4 languages, Cebuano, Bisaya, and Warai , and a little Tagalog! In Tacloban they had to learn two other dialects other than Cebuano. So super magaling talaga! Hes not trunky, they gave him the option to go home and he said no. He wants to get work done, he talks to me, and we get along pretty well! He is a little shaken from the storm, you should here his stories, unbelievable:o So I think its going to go pretty well but we have not taught a lesson yet so im not sure how thats going to go... haha just cause we both are pretty low on the Tagalog level, but this is going to push my Tagalog a little more which will help me. Super nervous but excited. He seems like a really great guy, with a crazy story. So ill let you know next week how the work goes! Love you all! Thank you for everything! 
Elder Collins
                                                              Welcome Elder Kesler!
                                                   Taking The Elders To Their New Area
                                                                       Pizza !!!!!!!

                                            Elder Mole, One Of The Great Zone Leaders!
                                                        The Whole Acosta Family

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