Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sup mga Aso

Well this week was a different. I had 3 companion exchanges this week! Including today! One with our DL Elder Villa then another with Our ZL Elder Magistrado and today with Elder Mole our other ZL! Companion Exchanges are pretty much to test me and see how well im getting used to things. Its where you switch companions for the day, they sleep over and what not. It means I have to lead my area, which means talking to people, leading lessons and finding people and stuff. Its good thing my first one was on Halloween cause it was scary! haha Well I had to lead the area with Elder Villa and it was pretty fun! But super hard just cause I cant fully understand people quite yet so when I start leading the lesson and they talk back sometimes ill have no idea what they said and ill just sit there and then continue with our lesson haha. Also did my first finding by myself and that was way fun. Im not even close to being good at Tagalog, but im finding myself being able to converse with people a little bit and stuff which is way cool! But this language is so much different from English and Spanish that saying one thing could mean another! So thats a big struggle! I could want to tell someone that the gospel of Jesus Christ was lost and Joseph Smith restored it, but I could be saying Jesus Christ has no gospel but Joseph Smith does hahahaha. Its pretty sweet being able to converse with people though! This week was also sad because we lost what would of been my first baptism this month, because she moved! haha siyang!  But as long as she is baptized then thats what matters!:) Count it! haha Well Elder Col Col and Elder Collins are still the same but this week was interesting, so Tuesday was frusterating, the whole day we had 1 lesson, because no one was home! We decided to visit a less active for the second time, but the first time was like my second week so I didnt remember where she lived, but of course he just expects me to know, and so when I didnt know instead of talking to me and training me and showing me what to do, he just fast walked away like a mad man just mad as can be. When we got to her house and she wasnt home he was frustrated and he goes speeding off again through the streets of Bulihan, not even caring if I followed, and I lost him for a while. We ended up sitting at this members house until it was time to go, not saying a word to me. This whole time im just ready to explode, and had the biggest migrane ive ever had before this whole time. So we get home, get ready to plan, he doesnt say anything and just expects me to plan everything. So I plan, then as we were about to close I just exploded on him. haha but missionary explode not real people haha, and I just started telling him how doing that stuff does not help me or you or us! And how I need his help, I need his training and that doing that was not exceptable. I layed into him for a minute. I just couldn't hold it in. Then it was silent for a while, and he just said sorry, and he said that I was right, and I said sorry and we made up haha. But we still dont talk, and things are the same he just doesnt leave me anymore and give me dirty looks. haha sooo yeah. But to end on a lighter note I meet a guy from England with one of those strong English accents! haha We tried to share with him but he wouldnt let us. He speaks no Tagalog and he lives in Bulihan? whaaaa? haha well then we met with him again and he listened to our Restoration message and had a lot of philosophy of man questions haha then he invited us in for a cup of tea as he was lighting his cigarette and telling us how spiritual he is hahahaha oh man it was hilarious, Elder Magistrado had no idea what was going on haha! So ya they do not celebrate Halloween here, its called all souls day and its on Nov. 1st and people just stay at the cemetery all day haha But I got all my Halloween packages which was sweet! Thank you so much to the Miller family, Grandma and Grandpa and to my Mama!!!!! I pounded all the candy in like 3 days! Thank You!!!!! haha Well I love you all! Thanks for everything!
Elder Collins
P.S. This computer does not allow me to send pics, so it might have to wait till next week? Sorry!

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