Monday, October 28, 2013

What up What up !?

Hmmm what to say about this week! Well on Wednesday we had our follow up training meeting with the President and Sister Tye. I got to see Elder Christensen which was dope! I miss that kid. We got to vent a little bit! Turns out all Filipino trainers are hard. I also found out mine is one of the hardest. And my area is the most run down areas haha oh well:) I still love it. Well ya so me and elder Col Col are still on the same level. Pretty sure he still hates me, its funny he talks to literally everyone BUT ME!  He is soo trunky, cant wait to go home! He makes me lead the area even though he didnt train me on how to. When I mess up he just gives me a dirty look, and walks away! So he makes things hard! But.... I really love everything else. I love this country, I love these people and their kind hearts, I love this language that I dont know yet , I even love the exotic dirty food they give me! haha Its just that one struggle, and of course the language:) But im trying to break him! My migraines and stomach pains are starting to go away! But of course I developed a rash on my arms! haha oh I love it! Well this week we had to push back a few baptisms which was rough, but they needed it! Also we taught a few new investigators which I found and that was way cool! But it stinks cause everyone makes appointments then they do not keep them and sometimes I wonder why they don't , probably cause of the Taglish missionary that doesn't make sense haha, but I'm studying everyday. Well yesterday we had an awesome baptism! Brother Viscarra and his family who we reactivated last week baptized his son! It was so cool to see a whole family come back to Christ. The daughter who was about 20 who was also inactive gave from what I understood the most awesome testimony! So cool. We also have a progressing investigator named Vina Diaz, and if every thing goes well, she will be my first baptism this next month! Well we had a zone activity today, we played basketball and volleyball, pingpong, and watched a movie. That's why this email is so late sorrrry! Well im starting to love these little things. Ive come so close to my Heavenly Father and have realized how important prayer, studying, the sacrament and all these little things are. I love this gospel, I want nothing more than to preach it in this native language. I need that heavenly virtue of patience :)haha And no they do not celebrate Halloween here! Its Christmas time! And no Thanksgiving turkey haha:0 Love you all, especially my nanay and tatay and kapatid!
Elder Collins

                                                              Pics Of The Baptism

                                                                  Sunday Pics

                                                                     My Rash?

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  1. I know Elder Christensen loved seeing him also :) Kinda cool to read this! Thanks