Monday, October 7, 2013


Well.... this week was pretty much the same as last week. haha I thnk im slowly slowly slowly slowly getting used to things. I think the mornings are the hardest for me because me and elder colcol don't  talk a lot. He aways tells me to not to be afraid to speak the language even if its wrong! But he is always afraid to speak English to me!  And my other to roomates same dealio. So thats the most hard part is I get left out a lot. Being in the streets is a little better cause Filipinos are HILARIOUS,  except for when there making fun of me and I dont know it. When we walk on the street everyone stares!!! everyone! Haha the gay guys hit on me. And there are a lot of gays here! haha all the older guys call me Joe! They go... "HEY JOE!" Everyone with white skin is Joe haha. And the little kids go hey! "What your name is?" haha everyone wants to know my name for some reason! The kids are the best they always run up to me and give me high fives and wave and stuff! And no one here has seen red cheeks before! haha they think its fake or that im just really hot! which I am!! haha temperature here is hot! Well we teach a good amount I just hate it though cause Filipinos can never keep appointments! We usually schedule aboout 6  or 7 lessons on a normal day, but only end up teaching 2 or 3 because so many people say that they dont have time or there "not home" haha I was able to give my first baptismal invitation on Tuesday! he said no... haha so you know shake that one off... welll he said he will think about it? We are teaching him again soon so well see! We do not tract, my companionn says it doesnt work so we dont. And everyone has a smoking problem here. We are  teaching this 17 year old kid who smokes! I mean come on! On saturday we were able to teach at a Mini MTC that our branch was holding. It was actually a way cool experience! I was suprised at how many future missionaries there were! I taught them how to study effectively! In english of course! haha But it was fun! Im still having problems with the language. I cant speak it at all! Im able to participate in the lessons more but its only things that ive memorized before hand! And its usually still wrong! Whoever told me that grammar didnt matter in the MTC, im gonna kill them! One mix up on grammar and you could be saying "jesus has no gospel" instead of "jesus has a gospel!" haha So yeah its still very hard, im looking forward to conference next week! Its only a week delay which is nice! I lost my Ipod charger so im gonna need a new one! haha sorry! Lindsay Dixon is going on a mission? whaaat? thats sweet! If you have her email I want it!  Well im going to keep working This is hard, really hard.  I think something that I keep forgeting is, I signed up for this. I knew it was going to be hard when I accepted this call. Its tough but its not about me anymore. its about others, its about The lords work, Its about becoming a disciple of Christ. Thank you mom! I love you so much and I miss everyone like crazy! GO EAGLES haha mahal kita!
The Streets Of Bulihan
Home Sweet Home
My Apartment and My Street 
Cutest Kids Ever! 
                                                         Basketball Anyone?

                                                 Just A Few Goats Passing By?
Swaged Out Mercedes Benz Jeepney!  Nice!

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