Monday, October 21, 2013

Yo Yo Yo from the big PH

Hello! Hows it going? Well this week was good ol normal week here! We taught like 20 lessons this week which was pretty sweet! No big highlights! So here in the Philippines we focus a lot on Reactivation because, people are always willing to be baptized into the church, but then after that they are done. I mean we still teach investigators but our big thing right now is LA's. So we have been teaching a bunch of less active families! One including the Viscarra family! They are a family that we visit every Wednesday. The mother is active but the father and kids arent. The father was offended by one of the members so he stopped going and didnt force his kids to go. So he's been a LA for about a year or more. We share lessons about the importance of the sacrament and church. With the Bishops help we were able to get him to come back! It was way cool we were all just sitting in sacrament as it was just starting and we turn around and him and his WHOLE family were walking in! It was so sweet and they stayed for all three hours! Also we are teaching a few investigators too, and I got 2 more Baptismal dates! It was sweet! One is Brother Roberto Bobares he's the Uncle of one of our priests and he is a Born-Again Christian, so he had a lot of wierd questions, We were able to teach him about the restoration, well mostly Elder Col Col, but I asked him to be baptized and he accepted! Dope! Then the other is brother Richrd Ford, we were actually going to do a family home evening at their house because his wife and daughter are less active. She told us we could come over yesterday and share a quick message. So we get there and she ends up ditching out on us like she always does! But her husband was there and agreed to listen. We taught him lesson one and he was interested, so at the end of the lesson Elder Col Col turns to me and I invited him, and a little hesitantly he said yes! So if our investigaters progress we are scheduled to have 7 baptisms in November, so thats exciting! Well some sad news one of my good friends from the MTC goes home tomorrow, he had some things that he needed to take care of. Oh man it really makes you think! Well as far as me and Elder Col Col go.... its still the same, we dont talk, he gets way frusterated when I dont know what to do, he has me lead the area, which im fine with but when our appointment cancels and I dont know what to do.... thats when the flipping training should come in! Instead he just gives me a dirty look and just walks away and leaves me. Its super discouraging. So yeah things are still hard here. really hard, but im going off one of my favorite quotes from conference from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, he  said, " If the bitter cup does not pass, Then drink it, and be strong! And trust god."  Man I love it!  Im going to keep working on him, I think the more I talk with him in Tagalog the more he responds. Cause he just doesnt like English! Or me!!! haha Well thats sweet, I bet Reggie's homecoming talk was better than my farewell talk! But thats cool he's got 2 years on me! haha Hes looking for a job too eh? Well hopefully he finds one so he can buy his own clothes and not wear mine! haha And what the heck? no email from max anna and sam?! My host at the MTC emails me more than them! haha well love you all! Miss you like Crazy!  Didn't eat any crazy foods this week! Other than Everything haha! MAhal ko Kayo!

This Is Russel My Favorite Little Filipino!

                                                        I Love The Acosta Family!      

                                                                  4 Filipinos :)

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