Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcome Home Brother!

Hello! sorry this is later than usual! My day consisted of 8 hours of jeepney riding walking miles, and more jeepney rides just to go to the Dentist with my companion!!! So I didnt get to email till now! Well this week was pretty much the same as last week. Hot weather, Taglish ( mostly english ), my companion disliking me, and lots of studying! Haaha but im slowly getting used to things! Well not gonna lie, seeing Reggie come home was the hardest thing ive ever seen. Im so happy for him, but I wish I had him here with me! I feel alone now that im the only missionary out there! Why do every time I open up my email on P day I start tearing up?! haha well this week was pretty busy! We had a zone meeting, and interviews with president which you already know about! haha it was nice to talk to them and your right sister Tye is theee best! Shes so caring! And I finally got to watch conference! AMAZING. My favorite was President Ucthdorfs talks. I felt like everyones talk was just for me! It was great!. And I realized how much we take advantage of those things. I am used to watching conference on my nice warm couch, and falling asleep. Well now it takes an hour ride to get to a chapel that plays it then you have to stay there all day. But so worth it, haha I took twenty pages of notes! Well when it comes to me and my companion things arent going the best. I feel like he truly dislikes me. We do not talk unless we have to, he gets frustrated when he has to repeat himself or I cant speak Tagalog, and our comp studies are just awkward. He's got 4 months left and he is already trunky. He always watches peoples cell phones and tries to watch TV when we are around them. I mean he's a great guy and all its just hard, but something that Henry B. Eyring said really hit me, he was talking about an old lady he knew who had a grandson who was a criminal and ended up in jail, when she was driving to visit him in prison, she prayed to god and said, "why me?" "when I have been so good why me?" and the spirit eventually whispered to her these distinct words... " I gave him to you because I knew you could, and would, love him, no matter what." Man that hit me so hard, I felt like it was for me. I can and will love him, no matter what.:) Well on the bright side, I extended a baptismal invitation and they said yes! It was sweet! Its this sweet old lady, we dont know her name so we call her "nanay" which means mother. But it was way cool, and I am planning to extend another one tonight to so wish me luck. This language is so hard, but occasionally I can understand when people are talking. Well whatever I say just remember that I love this work. I always try to keep a smile on my face no matter what happens, these Filipinos are good at that! Tell Reg that I love him and glad he's home! love you all! Mormon 9:27 is my scripture this week!
Elder Collins

                                            My Brand New Shower and Washing Machine

                                       My Weight Room, And Yes I Use It Every Morning
                      I Ate Balut! Worst Thing In The Entire World! (Fertilized Duck Egg)

                                                         Slammin It In A Jeepney!


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