Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yo! hello family! haha nice try mom, soo close but its Kumusta no A haha but yeah it just means whats up how are you pretty much like como estas. haha Well this week was alright! Elder Kesler is better, but guess who isnt! ME! haha I got sick Wednesday and Thursday! Just had a huge migrane, and stomach pains. I think the stomach pains are from the water and food sometimes  but whatd ya expect? I'm in the Philippines! Haha but im better now, the migranes come about every other day, and I dont know where they come from! But im just pressin through them. So thanksgiving here was just me resting  and my awesome Thanksgiving dinner was JolliBee haha Pretty sweet Thanksgiving dinner huh? Well other than that we had my first zone conference, that was pretty fun! I got to see elder Christensen again! and a few other from my batch! Well the work here is going okay, we struggle to teach sometimes because of the language barrier, and im not the best trainer, cause I havent finished my training yet?! haha But I'm studying hard, its funny my comp will start teaching in Tagalog, then just switch to Cebuano with out even knowing it so ill have to do my best to translate it or something! haha So we continue to teach that family and they are really doing good, we visited the other day and found her reading the book of mormon on her chair! It was dope! Never seen her do that before! One problem is they have a huge problem with the word of wisdom! The dad likes to smoke some dubies and the mom likes to partay. shots shots shots!  We had an appointment with them one time and we went and no one was home, then we found her at her neighbors house partying and singing karaoke? Well here every one offers you a shot! People will just be sitting in the middle of the street with some homeboys with a big bottle of something and they go Hey Joe! wanna shot?!  But we are planning on teaching them on the word of wisdom!  We have been trying to find more people to teach, which is tough but with the spirit, we are both able to converse with people. So crazy! I wonder what this language sounds like to Americans? I forgot, just sounds normal to me now. Well that was this week, as Dad requested I tried to take more pictures of my area! Thanks for everything! LOVE YOU ALL! MERRY CHRISTMAS! (its been christmas here for like 3 months now)
Elder Collins

Half Naked Man Waking Down The Street?

   Fat Tie Friday So We Had To Take Pics!
(Also I Got My Shirts Pinoy Fitted)
Got A Little Hungry On Fast Sunday......
Sunday Best!  


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