Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Done!!!!! With Training Ha Ha

Transfer Day! And I'm officially done with training! heres my stats for the 12 weeks!

Number of times getting called joe: 1,000,000 
number of times getting yelled at Amerikano: infinity 
number of times i heard duuude!: 12,000,000
number of times ive been asked why im wearing blush: 1 billion 

hahaha just kidding but really. And I did not get transferred! So 6 more weeks in Bulihan! But word on the street is im getting called as a trainer next transfer because elder Kesler will be going back to his old mission! Scary right?! Oh and sorry I'm emailing Tuesday! We had our Christmas party on Monday so they switched our P day for the week! But this week was sweet! So we finally taught that family the word of wisdom! I was super scared, but it went so well, and they committed to living it! Then the next morning the dad calls us and asks us to meet somewhere cause he had a problem, we were way nervous, and turns out he's having financial issues, and asked us for money. But its bawal, we cant give money away, I felt so bad cause he bearly has enough to feed his family. how easy it woulda been to just slip him a 5 hundred, its 10 bucks. But I couldn't,  we just offered our advice and service, we told him if he kept the commandments of god he will provide. Well after that, he got sick, and he kinda started avoiding us a little bit, cause we think he was embarrassed. But finally on Friday we sat down with them, their whole family was sick, and the spirit just was not there, He didn't really wanna listen because he was so sick, so I offered him a priesthood blessing. That was so cool. After that we left, Then Sunday they didnt show up to church, so we were pretty mad cause they commit and don't come. We visited them that Sunday night, and we started to share more with them, then like a light bulb just shot off in the fathers head haha, he was like, " we need to go to church......we need to go to church!....WE NEED TO GO TO CHURCH! it was hilarious, then he told me that night after his blessing he felt so much better! He started going off about bible things and stuff, telling us he is going to tell people he's a Mormon! and how who knows one day he will be like us, points to his pocket where the name tag would be, then grabs his Book of Mormon and does like a superman pose.  But then this week we had little success on finding people to teach, we went 2 and half days without teaching! Because no one wanted to hear from us! Well then Saturday night, we were way discouraged again and we were just walking home going another day with nothing, and just randomly this guy stops us, says hey you wanna come inside and talk, were like a heck yeah! And we go inside and teach him the 1st lesson, he is awesome, he believes that whatever god tells him to do through discerning his thoughts is right, and he's a reader, so he was more than willing to start reading the Book of Mormon, so dope again! We also had our Christmas party! It was way fun, got to see my batch too! Well love you family and friends! Keep it real!
Elder Collins



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