Monday, December 30, 2013

Yooo! Happy New Year!

Hello! hows it all going?! How was Christmas! Mine was pretty sweet! Wierd though, they just shoot off fireworks for like every holiday! But Christmas was good we spent the day working and visiting everyone we could, then we were able to have dinner at the Pongyans, they are great people super strong in the church. Their 18 year old son works with us like 3 times a week all day! He is awesome. They live in a little bit nicer of a neighborhood out of the area. We ate dinner with them then on the way home we stopped at this elementary school, that had a homemade huge light up star! and in the middle was the nativity scene! It was really beautiful! Then we just went home! But good Christmas! Defiantly the best one, and the best part was talking to you guys! Awesome! Well this week was good, we did a lot of less active work this week! and the Gutierrez family is good! We had to push thier baptism back though, becuase we felt they were not prepared. But we have another really progressing investigator named Julieta, who is 60 and shes awesome, shes friends with a less active, and we are getting them both to come to church! Shes very spiritual, and she expressed how much her life is getting better because of this! Its so awesome! Well tomorrow is New Years Eve! We have to go home at 6 oclock because its gets crazy here. Im not sure if its as crazy as Peru but I was told people like to use their guns as their fire works haha! Im stoked! Its going to be sweet! I am feeling so much better! Im not fluent yet! But life here is okay now, I feel like I am used to being a Filipino, and every time I fall Heavenly Father picks me up and dusts me off. Love this place! love you all happy flippin new year!
Elder Collins!

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