Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pretty Good Week!

Hey errrybody! hows agoin?! Well this week was a pretty good one! No sicknesses so we got to work! ya! This week went very good our family is progressing talaga, but they need to come to church so we pushed there date back for Jan. 11 so hopefully we will have the first baptism of the new year! That would be sweet! And we have done a little more finding and came across a few new investigators! We also had district conference which I was able to witness our district become a stake! That was way cool to see it for the first time! Elder Ardern of the 70 came to speak. Ive had a lot of good experiences this week but ill just share one cool one because of time! sige! So we had had a good week so far getting in about 3 to 4 lessons a day. which is not bad, then we had weekly planning on Friday so we didn't go out till like 430. So we went out and got NOTHING haha no one was home! No one would listen to us we spent all night just proslyting! It was tough! So it was about 8:30 and were just alking down the street getting ready to go home pretty tired and discouraged. Then just randomly this couple just came sprinting up to us yelling elder elder! And they looked at us and were like do you know Tagalog? And usually I just say "conte lang" which just means a little bit. But I decided to just say yes! I know Tagalog. So they started talking to us, and they told us that their sister was mormon living in New York and that she told them they needed to find the missionaries so they could bless their family! So they thought she literally meant "bless" like laying on of hands haha but what we determined is that she meant bless their families lives haha it was sweet and all in Tagalog! Funny thing about it was elder Kesler was just talking about how he wanted to buy a big 2Pac shirt, and the husband was wearing a 2Pac shirt hahaha! ( 2Pac is a rapper) But it was just so cool how when you know you have worked hard and nothing is working  how the lord blesses you, and knows what you need! He works in wonderous ways and im grateful for the gifts he blesses me with, especially the gift of tongues. So cool! Well I want to thank everyone who has sent me stuff and the stocking was dope! I signed it and have been reading the letters, they really mean a lot! Everyone of them! Im struggling to only read one a day! I wanna read them all! haha but thank you! you are the Pinakamabuti!
Elder Collins
Dressing Up For The Holidays! 

                                                            I Didn't Fall I Promise!


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