Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey! What's Up!

Hey! so whats up! So ths week was pretty much the same! I had two exchanges this week! One on Tuesday with Elder Moisher! Then one with Elder Creager! from my batch! That one was pretty sweet! I love Elder Creager hes theeeeee shyest kid you will ever meet! Every one always asks him why he doesnt talk and he just stares at the ground. But me and him are homies so he talks to me! We went to his area and because he was so shy I had to start and teach like all the lessons, And I didnt even know the people at all! But it was pretty sweet, two white boys with broken Tagalog hittin the streets! It was a good time. Well.... Im Gonna Have My First Baptism in the Philippines! This Saturday! Sister Julieta Abalos, shes 58 and shes dope, after only one lesson she came to church and she hasnt stopped yet, she pretty much had no problems with WOW. We asked her to pray for the first time and during her prayer she just started tearing up. It was awesome, shes like the perfect investigator. With the Gutierrez family looks like their baptismal date will have to be pushed back again, they dont have there cohabitation certificate so we cannot baptize them. I know right... But they are ready. As far as any other investigators go.... were struggling to find new people. But we are teaching a 25 year old guy named Bryan, who is fluent in English. So we teach him in English! But he wont commit to baptism because he has a strong belief in mother mary being a god and you need to pray to her or have her pray for you or something like that. But I think in the future it will be good. Well what else happend this week? Well today we are going to Tagaytay!! for our zone activity! Its sobrong maganda there! Ill have to send pics later tonight or next week of it! Super stoked! Also transfers are next week and word on the street is I might be training!:/ Which means ill be in my first area for 7 or 8 months! So if I am training pray for me, and if im not do it anyways:) haha Well my email time is a little more limited today love you! Elder C

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