Monday, July 6, 2015

Isang buwan na lang what?? Email from 6/29

Hey family! First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! Ill bring my Birthday Present on july 29, its called a "malaking yakap" you can google translate to figure that one out. 
Another week! I'm down to one hand on the week counting, haha. It makes me sad to think that there is only one month left. But plenty can be done in one month. And I know its going to be a great month! Work my butt off, haha. Well this week was a good, lots of busy things happening, with the emergency transfer, and taking Elder Haufano to get his license. He is now a licensed driver, haha. Its kinda wierd for him though because in New Zealand they drive on the other side of the road. So the Philippines is good cause it doesn't really matter what side you drive on! He almost killed a few people, haha. But he'll learn fast. We also had a couple of exchanges this week. With the Cavite ZL's, and the Dasma ZL's. Both really great exchanges.
        Well this week of work was actually really great! We have been really praying and fasting for a referral. And yesterday we got one from a member in our area. She even brought them to church. She told us that this is for sure a good one, haha. So we were super excited about that. We have also continued to work with the cuevas family. Are most progressing couple. They are great they have came to church 8 or 9 times now, we just are not quite sure if their understanding and testimony is enough. But this month we made it a goal to do all we can to get them to attain a testimony, and understand the gospel. They are really great though, they are so hospitable, the first thing they always ask when we get there is if we have ate yet haha. They read their assignments and all. They are always inviting all that they can to come join in on the lesson. 
     Another cool experience that we had was last Thursday. After we had successfully finished the emergency transfer we went straight to work and we had a good day. That night we had parked the car on the side of the road down this little street. We parked half on grass and half on the road, went and taught a lesson. Then when we came back to the car, Elder Haufano tried to pull out, and he couldnt, haha the right side of the car was stuck in this muddy swamp. So for a little bit a sat next to the car digging in the mud trying to find traction for the car, everytime we tried to push it ot it just wasnt working. By the end of it I was covered in mud from head to toe. haha Well we were parked next to a Jehovahs Witness chapel, and their church had just gotten out. I thought in my mind at first, "oh man I really hope they don't try to help, I don't wanna have to deal with them." Well I felt the spirit tell me that I am wrong for thinking that, and I swallowed my pride. And actually many of them did come and help, even a catholic man came out from his house and got a rope so we can push and pull at the same time. Well long story short we got the van out. I was really just humbled to see everybody working together in unity to get the van out. Didn't matter what religion, when you see an opportunity to help like that. You do it! I was very grateful for the kindness of those men, although we know as members that their church is wrong, we show charity and love for all men, and I bet that's what most other church's practice too. 
    And the last spiritual experience that i will share was last night. It was about 8:00 or so at night and we got punted, we decided to visit an old man we once taught a couple weeks ago. Well as we walked up to his house his nextdoor neighbor was really nice, she said hi with a big smile. Well we went to the old mans home and he was asleep. As we walked away from the house I thought of the lady that said hi. I said to my companion, "man that lady was really nice," I wanted to go back and talk to her but she was already inside her home, so I just ignored my feeling. Well Elder Haufano was like "well lets go talk to her" I dont know why but I lost courage for a second and was nervous to go up to the house and tao po. But we did, and she came out side we gave her a pamphlet and she said we could come back, and her whole family was really nice! I really beleive we were led to that old man just so we could meet that family. Im glad a didn't pass up that feeling to turn back around and OYM. And I fought off that tiny nervous feeling I had with faith. Really cool experience for me, just kind of hard to explain. 
This week should be a good week, we have our MLC for July, my last MLC and my last lesson ill ever give as an AP. We also get to meet as a mission on Friday to get shots! haha and watch a movie, so that should be sweet, I get to see every one before I go home. 
Well this week has been sweet, im just countin down the days till I see you all again! 
Happy birthday again mom! I love you so much and hope its a great one. Im happy to hear all of those blessings that have came, looks like all that fasting and prayer payed off. Love you have a great week.
Elder MC

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