Monday, July 6, 2015

Araw ng Aking Ama Email from 6/21

Hey family!  
 Well this week was transfer week! And you know how that is, haha. But it was a great transfer week. I remember like 5 months ago almost when it was my first transfer week. Man was I tired, haha and been tired ever since. But its a good tired, one that your proud of. It was sad saying goodbye to Elder Rindlisbacher, we were together for awhile, and we got along great. But Elder Haufano is awesome too. We have a good first week together, he's so humble and kind, and a great example to me. I have gotten to know him very well this past week wit all the transfer stuff. His look was the same look I had when it was my first day here. But he is trying his hardest to learn everything quickly, and I am trying my hardest to teach him everything quickly. 
Its been pretty crazy thinking about going home, its so close but so far away, I'm having pretty mixed feelings about it haha. 

The opportunity to attend the temple this week was amazing, I was very grateful for it. I was able to put Sam's name in the temple, and talk with the lord about him in the celestial room. Great peace is found inside those doors, and a lot of questions were answered and confirmed. 
. We worked every free hour we had though little, but we were able to teach some great lessons. The couple that we have been working with came to church again, that is number 6 or 7, we are just really trying to work on them understanding why this is true, and strengthen their testimony before anything. But I hope in July it will happen. 
      Also we are working with another family, we had just taught the Word of Wisdom to them last Friday, they have problems with all of them except for drugs, they said although it will be hard little by little they would live it. But our spiritual experience for the week was last night. We expected them to come to church because they were really excited to come. Sadly they didn't come, I was pretty bummed myself because my time is running short and all I want to do is help this family. The father texted us and told us that they had family visit to celebrate fathers day and a birthday. Well we went over that night and found out that the Mother had drank a bit, and so had the father. They very ashamed of it and we were too. As I sat pondering what to share, Elder Haufano and I chose the story of Alma in Alma 36. We shared his story and how nothing can be sweeter than repenting and changing your ways. The spirit was present. They felt sorrowful, and the good part was we helped them understand it was a godly sorrow. After the lesson the father shook my hand and said, "Iba and itsura mo ngayon, parang hindi ikaw ang nagtuturo." Which means "you have a different countenance right now, its like it wasnt you that was teaching." he said it with a smile. No doubt it wasn't me, it was definite that it was the spirit. But cool experience, grateful to be worthy of the holy ghost. 
Well its been a great week, im excited for the future. 

Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY, the only gift I can really give is myself, on July 29th 2015, and the person I've become. Yesterday in sacrament there were some great talks given on fathers, made me pretty trunky to see my dad. It made me think of all the times I told my dad to back off or to stop being so hard on me, also made me think of all the things I didn't do, because I knew my dad would get mad, also made me think of all the things I've learned from my dad, to many to count. I really can wait to see ya. Hope it was a good one even though what happened. 
Hearing about Sam was rough, I cant tell you the last time I cried, but I cried today, my little SJ, breaks my heart. But these past two weeks I've fasted for him, and I took his name to the temple with me and he's always in my prayers. Tell him I cant wait to see him too! Well I'm glad to hear hes okay. Well Ill stop rambling on now! Love you all Thanks dad for being an actual dad! Being in the Philippines you see a lot of bad dads, just makes me more grateful.
Elder Collins 

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