Thursday, April 30, 2015

Manila na naman!/ Email from April 27

Hey sorry its been a pretty busy day! That's why I'm so late, today we took some elders and sisters to Manila for x rays and other going homes stuff. Transfers is already next week! WHAAAT??? Man they keep getting faster and faster. I only have two transfer left! Anyways we woke up at like 4 am this morning and didn't finish till like 1;30pm. So I'm pretty beat. haha both me and elder Bacher are getting kind of tired haha. We are wiped out like everyday. But you just gotta follow what the lord wants. 
Anyways its been a great week. More meetings than work, we taught at a specialized training this week. And also a follow up training meeting for new missionaries. We also had our transfers meeting with President, and will have another one tomorrow. Its pretty cool sometimes to be behind the scenes of transfers. Be able to help out and stuff.
Also this past Tuesday elder Christensen and I went on exchanges! It was super sweet! He's out in the really jungle part of Cavite. Its like paradise out there! But he came and worked with me here and it was awesome, good to be back with him. Also we found out we are both scheduled to go to Newport Beach at the same time! 
 This past Sunday we were able to see our recent convert Raymond bless the sacrament for the first time. It was so cool to see the excitement on his face. A couple weeks ago he copied down the sacrament prayer and practiced it everyday so he could do it right. He has such great potential to be a leader in this church. He still lacks knowledge, but has a lot of faith. I know once he gains more knowledge, he will be a great teacher, and disciple of Christ. 
Our work has been doing okay this week, due to the meetings and things we had this week we lost some time to work. But the time we had it was good. We have still been teaching a few families that have been doing well. We had a great experience while on exchanges while watching the restoration video with a family. After the video the mother was very touched by his experience. She teared up talking about it. It's great that we have those kind of tools to not just explain it, but to show it so people can see, what a blessing. We have been also been working with Brother Silverito, our potential Melchizedek priesthood holder. He's still doing great, we are just working on really getting him to understand the lessons. But he should be baptized this May! 
Love you family! sorry not much today,I'm pretty beat! 
 Love~elder MC

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