Friday, May 8, 2015

Black OUT

HEY!! Its already transfer week again, I swear these last two a flown by like a fighter jet, so fast. I only have two left, and Elder Bacher (who is still my companion, Itll be our 3rd transfer together) has 1 left! haha it will be the first time I kill a missionary. :) 
So man its been an interesting week. So I guess ill start out with the funny part of the week! 
Well you know how I'm ALWAYS the one to get hurt. Well still true on the mission, we were playing basketball this last Friday morning, and one of the other elders elbowed me right on the eye, well there was a decently big gash bout an inch long, hahah so that afternoon I went to the hospital to get it glued up. Now I look like I was the one who fought Manny Paquiao this last week! haha. But its all good I'm still able to work and everything, he said by next week I could take the glue off and its should be okay. haha yeah I know what your all gonna say! It's always me :) But its been a good week. 
Other than that we had a few training meetings that we did, and last night was our fireside for the going home missonaries this transfer, is gonna be a pretty crazy week! But we get to sleep at the hotel up in Manila on Tuesday night which will be sweet! 
We had a kinda cool experience this week last Monday night when we went to work. Well we had been teaching a man who was super ready for baptism Brother Silverito, we just had to finish his lessons. Well we visited him a few times and he wasn't home, then on Monday night we went again and found out that he had moved to Las Pinas. So we were pretty bummed about that, but once we find his address there well be sure to send missionaries his way. Even though its sad he's gone, I got no doubt that he will be baptized over there. Well the cool part was when we were heading to our next appointment a bit depressed Elder Rindlisbacher had the impression to drop by an old investigator that we really hadnt been teaching any more. Well as we pulled up and got out of the van, right as we turned around there was this couple, and an old lady standing outside that waved to us. And of course first reaction is OYM. So we did, and the old lady had met missionaries before, when her father was still alive she said the missionaries would come over and give him blessings. And the other couple had never met Mormons before, but were interested in hearing our message. We plan to teach them this week. Really cool how the Lord is always watching out for us, we just gotta listen.
Throughout my mission I have also grown in my testimony of fasting, we are one of the companionship's who fasts each Sunday. And I've come to see how powerful it is. We have been working with a family that we found last March, who has such great potential, they had came to church the first time we taught them. But from then on they kept getting distracted with other things, and although they are reading everthing and really progressing, we hadnt been able to get them to church. Well this week we felt they finally understood when we taught them lesson 3 on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also fasted this Sunday for them to be able to come, even though there was the Manny Paquio fight. Well when church started, we didn't see them, but I still had a good feeling. Well all of sacrament meeting went bye and nothing. When the meeting was over, we turned around and saw them all the way in the back! I was so happy to see them, apparently they were there the whole time but we didn't see them, but they sat by a member that we didn't even know they knew. I hope they continue to come, they seem to finally get the big picture of things. Fasting truly is powerful if we do it the right way, its blessed my life big time.
I'm excited for transfer day this week, gonna be a busy one with MLC too, but it should be fun! 
 Love, Elder Collins

                                                    The Petersen's bought us pizza today!

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