Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brothers dont shake hands, Brothers gotta hug!

Hey Family!!!!!
 Well I guess ill just start with what you all wanna hear.... TRANSFERS! Well to start Elder Zacarias is leaving me, he got called to be a ZL in Cavite! Im going to miss him, he was awesome and ive learned more from him than anyother comp, ive ever had! And something I found out today, Im going to be Zone Leader 1! I am training a new Zone Leader! I was like what??? But im stoked, whom the lord calls, the lord qualifies right. Well it gets better, youll never guess who im training.....(mom your gonna love this) ELDER CHRISTENSEN! haha I was so suprised, but im stoked! Can't wait to get started with my main man! He is a great missionary and a great friend! haha Well thats probably the biggest news this week. Im also excited for conference too.
 My spiritual experience this week is when we were looking for a potential investigator that we contacted the week before. Well the person wasnt home, but we found this older couple, and the wife has diabetes and had her leg cut off and stuff so she was is rough condition. But kindly invited us in and listened to our message of the plan of salvation. After the message she grabbed a 100 piso bill and tryed to hand it to us. We giggled and kindly told her our work is free and its for god. she said something like this if I translate it, " The money is not for the lesson you taught, but when I saw and heard your message, I knew you were men of god, and I wanted to make sure you had food." Man it touched my heart, well of course we didnt take the money, but I got something better than money from that experience, people notice missionaries who are doing what they are supposed to do, they know we are men and women of god cause they can see and feel a light, I love missionary work.
Elder Collins

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