Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The little things

Hey family!! How the heck are ya?!?!
Well this week has been pretty normal. We have just been working hard! We have a family that we are working with that we just love! The Rosales family. They are the family that I told you that we found and taught just the kids because their mother is in Hong Kong. Well after our second visit we found out that their mother was just recently baptized a member of the church! And she wants her kids to do the same. Its awesome how missionary work in another country can affect us in our work. I am so grateful for those missionaries in Hong Kong doing great work. Well this family started out a little hard because they were only listening because their mother wants them to. But through our lessons they started to really feel why their mother was so happy. They felt the love of the members at church, and they are doing very good now. I hope I will be there to see them get baptized! But who knows, because 10 minutes ago my companion just got a call, and he's training!!!! So now we will be splitting this coming transfer! Im going to miss him, we have gone 18 strong weeks together, and havent fought once! We have had some hard times together in this area, but we have done well, and I am grateful to be his companion, to be his Samoan brother. 
Well We have had two baptisms this past two weeks, and 5 more in Sept. so we have felt pretty good. But theres always more to do. The missionaries got a message from President Tye saying that we need to do better with finding new investigators. And at first I was like we just got a baptism cmon, but the spirit humbled me, and said, theres always more work to do. That is so true!  We were working so hard with the people we already have that we lost our focus on the other lost sheep. Reminds me of the words of my favorite hymn, 221 Dear To The Heart Of The Shepherd. Green are the pastures inviting: Sweet are the waters and still. Lord, we will answer thee gladly, "Yes, blessed Master, we will! Make us thy true under-shepherds: Give us a love that is deep. Send us out into the desert, Seeking thy wandering sheep." There are so many people walking around I would be selfish not to tell them the good news. Well we are going to Tagaytay again today, this will be my 3rd time ha ha I'm still excited! Love you all!
Elder MC    

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