Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Im 19.....WHAT?

HEY FAM!!! First of all, I want to thank everybody for the emails, and on the way packages and presents! You guys are the best, im very blessed! Also for the video, I think I teared up a bit, haha I loved it! Well....... IM 19! its crazy! haha I thought id be 18 forever. Its also so crazy to think that my next birthday will be spent at home with all you! Where has the time gone????!! Having a birthday on the mission is kind of hard because your so far away from your family, but I dont think ive felt closer to my Heavenly Father before. I love being a missionary, and honestly the best present I had on my birthday was a good Sunday of fasting, and sacrament sounds wierd right, last year I would of been pretty mad if my birthday was Sunday but I loved it. We had 8 investigators at church yesterday, and 7 less actives. It was great. This week we have picked up a couple more baptismal dates too. We found a family who's father died, and mother is working in Hong Kong, the missionaries in Hong Kong baptized the mom. and now the mom wants us to baptize the family! Its awesome! We also have another baptsim this week!! Well another two, but ones only 8 years old! Bro. John France Marquez is being baptized. He is 16  and his father works on a cruise ship so he only comes home every 9 months. Even though this kid is 16, he has made some bad choices in his life. He got hooked to like gangster stuff, and started following the example of his idol, Wiz Khalifa haha. But it was amazing to see the repentance process with this young man. Who I know will be a missionary some day. So we are so excited for him! Overall its been a great week. I love being a missionary. Its crazy where the times gone, I guess you guys were right, looking back on my first area and now, things have changed, and I dont remember the bad times anymore.
Thank you so much for everything! What a great birthday!
 Love, Elder Myles Collins

               In Samoa its a tradition to trash your best friend with eggs and flour on his birthday?
                              The nail salon in our area put my name up, they are awesome!!!!!

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