Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Man.... what a week!

Soooo this week was pretty great!!! Loved it! But first I cant believe school is starting soon! That's crazy, I hope Sam does good at Summit, does that mean my brothers going to wear a uniform to school? whaaaat? hahah, and Max at Corner Canyon, I probably would of gone to Corner Canyon too haha. And Anna at Indian Hills! haha your all going to schools that I never went to haha! And Reg off at college of course, I'm praying for you all to have a great start. Looks like you guys had a good week, mine was pretty good too! haha
Well where to start, we just had a good week of work, and we had a baptism again on Saturday! It was sweet, we combined with our zone leaders for the service and baptized 7 in one day! 2 (john Marquez and Aaron Cruz) from us, and 5 from them. Yes I had the opportunity to dunk my man John France! He's a great kid, I love teaching future missionaries, I hope that's something I get to see 4 years from now, is them serving missions. That's my joy. My testimony strengthens so much every time I see someone take those imperfect steps to the Savior to become perfect in him. This area was rough at first, but we never lost faith and the fruits came. We also got another family hopefully to baptize in September, so now I don't wanna leave haha! Another great spiritual experience we had is that about three weeks ago we were having a rough day, we just couldn't get anyone to let us in, so we sat under this tree to rest in the hot sun. We were pretty beat up and the day wasn't half over haha. We started talking to this little boy who looked homeless but knew the missionaries, he asked if we could teach his lola (grandma) we had nothin to do and the spirit told us to go. We followed this kid in to this far back alley to this small home. The grandma immediately saw us and said "no no no, I cant go to church!"haha We talked to her, turns out she was baptized in 1973 and has been less active for 30 years! We taught her and she immediately felt the spirit. And she prayed for the first time in a while. She still couldn't promise us she would come to church, well.... for the last three weeks she has came to church! What great faith, the lord knew she just needed to be visited and to feel the spirit again. Also she has fiery orange hair! haha. Well the last thing that happened is I got to spend the day with President Tye! We finally got an appointment to get Elder Leaupepeteles head checked out. Pres.Tye drove us up to Alabang Cavite, or pretty much Manila to the hospital. Well it turned into a whole day and we ended up being able to eat lunch at the mission home! :) Good day and I had a good time with President Tye! It was a great week!
 Love, Elder M C
                                                                   All In White

Family Home Evening at a members house

Yeah we got matchun ties!


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