Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Transfers again!

Hey family!!!!! Well this week was pretty normal!! Until today hit haha. Well this week we applied what President Tye said about the finding new people to teach. The new revelation from the lord is that we should set apart time from 4 to 6 in our day just to find people to teach! So we knew if it was from the lord then we should do it, and WOW we saw the blessings! We were able to find 14 new investigators this week, half already progressing! Its awesome, and its good for Elder Leaupepetele since he is going to be training. We set him up with a good teaching list! Well if he is training then of course I know im leaving! I'm a little bummed about that because we have scheduled 6 baptisms for the first and second week of September! So I was worried about where I was heading next. Well we woke up this morning played some basketball, came back and studied, right after studies I got a call from President Tye, I was called to be a Zone Leader in Bacoor! What??? haha im freaking out, but super excited! Baccor is like right next to the office. So thats my future for next transfer, I'm super nervous cause its early, but if thats what Heavenly Father wants, ill do my best! Man tranfers are always so bitter sweet. Ive had some hard but very spiritual experiences in Naic. Especially this week when we were able to teach a lady with a bone disease about the plan of salvation. Ive havent felt the spirit stronger then when we heard her pray. Great week! Man I love life.
 Love, Elder MC
                                         Family Home Evening With TheRosales Family

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