Thursday, December 4, 2014

Man I want some turkey...

Hey FAM!!! How was turkey day?! There is absolutely no change here in the Philippines on Thanksgiving. haha We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal though. Me and Elder Christensen decided to break the bank and get ourselves Mcdonalds... haha Don't hate me dad haha. Nothin like a quarter pounder for the holidays:)
Well im grateful for so many things that if I typed them up we would have to make another bible haha, But one thing I am so very grateful for is we had ourselves another baptism! It was great. Sister Carla and Brother Rayhan. We also had some other missionaries that had some so it was a total of 8 for the ward. President Tye came to see too so that was cool! Well I can't describe the feeling I had when they were baptized! You could just see their light in their eyes glowing. Im grateful for the wonderful opporunity I have to be a missionary. Nothin better:) Sister Carla is already thinking about a mission and in 4 years Brother Rayhan wants to do the same. 
Everything is going great, I cant believe its December already!! Last December I was in Bulihan, feels like just yesterday, times going way to fast! We gotta slow it down. I remember last Thanksgiving I was wishing time would go faster, now its the opposite, your right dad... your always right:) 
Well not too much changed I love you and am grateful for Gods Wonderful plan, and his love. 
Elder Collins

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