Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Myles Email from Dec. 5

Hey Family! Ill make this short. We were asked to email today becaue the power will be cut off this next week due to another Typhoon. Apparently its supposed to be pretty strong! Stronger than the last one, but not as strong a yolanda. Crazy how many typhoons you go through in the Philippines. But were not worried! shouldnt be too bad, we are in the lords hands! :) This week has been great! Many spiritual experiences this week. We were encouraged to try to find more families this week. So we made a goal to find one family each week. And as we prayed to the lord to lead us to families, that same day the lord led us. We were looking for a referral given to us a couple days ago, and as we were looking I had an impression to talk to this lady standing on the road and ask her for directions. Well we did, turns out shes a less active member, and her kids and husband are super potential to be taught and baptized! Really cool experience, the spirit just does its thing and im happy to follow it! Love you all! Have a great week! I got my rain boots ready!
Elder Collins

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