Monday, December 29, 2014

Ahhhh Man!

Hey Family! Well Merry Christmas! It was awesome to see you! Defiantly brought the Christmas spirit back for a bit. Well its transfers, and ill just tell ya straight up. I'm leavin, I'm going to Las Pinas 3rd ward! That's up in the city part of it all, closer to Manila and stuff! Im pretty excited! But then again, I'm pretty bummed to leave elder Christensen and Imus, I love Imus even though it was challenging! Man this is crazy! I totally thought I was staying! But Elder Burbidge is my companion! Another one of my batchmates, and im pretty excited about that! 
Well this week was good, We found another family this week which was taught by missionaries 8 years ago and they had a great relationship with them, something just happened that they didn't end up being baptized,but they are willing to hear the gospel again. We found them in a really cool way, we were only given a subdivision when they gave us an address, and it was a big place, but we went in just looking for people to ask to try to find their house. Well my companion got an impression to ask this kid on the side of the road, and it turned out to be his sister and parents that we were looking for! It was really cool. Its been a great week Happy New Year to everyone! I cant believe I'm leaving! Little weird to think about! Love, Elder MC
This is the present I got for you mom.This is Taytay Ed. and he made this with his bare hands.  Man I am going to miss him!

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