Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Sam!!!- Email from Jan. 4th

Hey Family! Well now I'm chilin in Los Pinas with Elder Burbidge. Man I love Elder Burbidge, hes a stud! Hes from Washington state, near Seattle. Hes a twin, and his brother is serving in San Pablo Philippines. We get along great, hes such a humble guy, and always looking to serve others. So im excited to be here with him. 
Well new years was pretty sweet. Just like last year, it sounded like you were in the middle of battle. haha People here will just make big old fire works out of a ton of gun powder haha, and it just makes big bombing sound. They are not so much flashy, but loud! haha If they don't have money for fire works they will just throw random crap around like an old TV or glass cups haha. Well the Los Pinas area is awesome. It kinda funny. The ward is super awesome and the people are super awesome. Its like L.A. Its pretty rich and pretty, but our area is literally like walking through Compton I would imagine. haha its pretty sweet. Im going to take pics this week and a video to show you. Our area is mostly squatters, or just really run down and poor. But everyone is accepting here I love it. The last missionary here was going home, and there were like two or three families that are totally potential for baptism. But he didnt capitalize on it. Soooo we are going to! haha But we are working on baptizing to families this month. One being the Lachica family. They are so great, Man if you could see the changes made in this fathers life it would touch your heart. He used to be into crime and drugs with family problems, they were homeless at one point, his whole life has been changed. And it makes you really sit and think about the wonderful merciful plan of our father in heaven. And to see this family of 9 kneel down and pray together, it really just gets ya.:) it shows that when a man follows god, he is happy. He couldn't really tell ya why he's happy, but he just is. 
I am having a great time here, and I will take a ton of pics for you next week. God lives, and so does his church.
Elder Collins

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!! Love ya bud! Hope it was  great one. Saturday was such a great day for me and elder Burbidge, and I  didn't know why, until I looked at the calendar, and remembered it was your Bday!  

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