Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LP3 Life

Hey Fam!!!!!!!! 
Well this week was great! Man I love Los Pinas! Although our area is like south LA, its rich in blessings, the ward is great, the bishop gets things done, and me and my comp are homies. This week has been really good with work. We hope to baptize two families this month, one family of 5, and another of 4! Im really excited, and I have learned so much here. The LP zone is one of the smaller zones here, its only 3 wards, with 18 missionaries. But some of these missionaries need to be watched haha. My kabahays are 2 Philipinos, Elder Santillian and Elder Huidem, one is training, and the other is brand new. They are both cool guys. 
Well our best experience this week was the story of the Lachica Family, one of the families we are baptizing, I have such a stronger testimony of the gospel blessing families.We finished teaching the parents and now we are teaching the children. Teaching their children have never brought them closer together as a family. Brother has been teaching his children every night how to pray, and read and little principles of the gospel. This family is an amazing example of faith. Brother lost his job awhile back and literally has nothing to provide for his family. But he continued to press forward going to church and preparing himself and family for baptism. This last week they had gotten to the point where they couldn't even buy rice to eat. Literally had nothing. But he remained a happy and peaceful man. The next morning with no money to get to church, this family of 9 got ready anyway, and as they were walking out he saw an old friend who drove a jeepney. Who willingly gave them a ride to church. After they got to church the ward heard of his problem and bishop was able to help him out, and some ward members are going to help him find a job. On the way home a member with a caravan took them home and offered to pick them up every Sunday for church till he got back on his feet. The joy and change that this family has had is amazing. The blessings finally came after times of trials, for them very hard trials. Things that I probably couldnt handle. Last night Brother Lachica took us to a referral he had for us. Dressed up with a book of mormon in his hand he testified to his friend the truthfulness of the gospel. The referral was a family of 5. My testimony has grown so much teaching this family. This man used to smoke, drink, and party. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real, and is there for anyone who is willing to come unto him, they can be perfected in him. I know this family will be perfected in him some day. Its really a case about attitude, the attitude he held is what kept him so strong. If there is always a positive outlook, you'll never find a negative right? Always be positive like this man. And you will find your heavenly treasures. 
 Love, Elder MC

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  1. Elder Myles - you are doing an awesome job! - We can tell how much you love the people you teach and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. We are so proud of you - keep up the good work. You are a great example. love you, Grandma/pa