Monday, November 24, 2014

Kenny Boy......

Hey Family!!!!! Man What a great week. Another transfer gone by and time is going wayyy to fast. Its almost Christmas!! haha Well this week our work has been great, We have two baptisms scheduled this Saturday! Man I'm stoked we are finally putting this area back together. Sister Carla Sunga, and Brother Hanz Ray. They are both so prepared and ready. Within like 3 lessons you could see the light of the gospel in their eyes, and a desire to be baptized. Sister Carla has been awesome, shes super smart, shes 21 and already a full time pharmacist. And her mother is a member who we reactivated on the way. They are awesome, and hopefully the other members of that family follow:) So thats one thing, and the other awesome thing is brother Ken, the one that I told you had a problem with marijuana, he accepted a date to be baptized! Jan. 3rd (Sam's Bday) :) The changes in him are remarkable, this guy used to have long hair and party and get drunk and was in a gang and all that. Well now hes a family man, whose morals are centered on Jesus Christ. And he cut his hair this week:0 Im excited for him. He's great. 
We had a spiritual experience yesterday. Strengthened my testimony of priesthood power. Yesterday after church I felt so very sick, bad head and stomach ache and things like that, just very weak. But we had a lot of work to do, so theres no way I was going home to rest. But I was feeling awful, well I asked my awesome companion to give me a blessing of comfort before we left the church to work. He gave me a short but powerful blessing. Which within short time gave me great strength. The sickness was there, but my body felt so strong it wasnt bothering me. And we got good work done that day, which included 3 new baptismal candidates for January. I am so grateful for the power of priesthood blessings, god really does love his missionaries. Lifes the best, your right mom I dont know if im coming home hahaha Love you all,
Elder MC

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