Thursday, November 13, 2014

Going to the Tyes...

HEY family!! 
Well this week was great as always. We have done a lot of work, I was able to go on exchanges with  our district leaders and our AP. I learned a lot from him, he is a great guy and he taught me how to be a better leader. 
We have been working with a few people who will hopefully be baptized the end of November or first of December. Which is a breath of fresh air, this area was split and we were literally left with nothing, but its finally coming together:) It always does with the help of the lord. We also had a pretty heart breaking experience with one amazing part member family we were teaching. Well they dropped us for another church, it broke mine and all the other elders hearts, all we could do was leave them with a hearfelt sincere testimony of this truth, and hopefully planted a seed for them in the future. Sometimes I think why? even when things get so spiritual, why is it still denied. But no effort is wasted, dissapointment is just a mindset right? :) 
Well I dont have a lot of time to email because we are going to the Tyes again for lunch because of that contest our zone won, so we have to leave a little early cause its far! But im excited should be great!! 
Another cool thing was I spoke last night at a stakewide devotional with a few other missionaries, all in Tagalog. It was pretty cool experience.:) Its been a great week! Grateful to be a missionary!
Elder MC

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