Monday, November 24, 2014

Another round' a transfers.... Email from 11/16

Hey FAM!!! Well its transfers again!! Man that flew by! I really was suprised to find out it was transfer day! haha We just kept working like there was none, so obviously me and Elder Christensen are still companions. I think we might go two more transfers together as ZLs here. Which I have no problem with, we get good work done together, we are thinking about just finishing our last 6 tranfers together hahah. But yeah! Im excited to meet some of the new zone! 
This week has been good for work, we working hard to try to prepare 2 people for baptism this November! Sister Carla Sunga, and Brother Hanz Ray. I am stoked for them! Sister Carla is the daughter of an RM who went less active, but we reactivated her and started teaching her daughter, they are awesome, and shes super excited for her baptism! Brother Hanz is some one we found whose 15 and his aunt is a member, and he is also pretty stoked for baptism! So if all goes well we will have maybe two this month. We have also been working with the guy that had marijuana problems, and hes doing really well. He is seriously going to be a great leader of the church some day! hes awesome. 
The party at the Tyes was pretty sweet too. haha we ate hot dogs played some games, and watched Wreck It Ralph! Great day! Our spiritual experience for the week was this one day we worked and it started out rough, where everyone we went to wasnt home. We call it "punted". Well we were out of ideas but we know that if we ever get punted, there is somewhere the lord wants us to be! So we said a prayer, and a ward missionary showed us a less active we never knew about, well he wasnt home either haha, but as we were walking Elder Christensen oymed this lady and she asks, are you mormons?  So we reply yes, and she just runs back in her house and grabs a Liahona from 2009 and tells us how much she loves to read it! We taught her and her sister and it went really well, and that was a start of a great day!! For the rest of the day there was not one hour that we were not teaching people! Good spiritual experience. This week was the bomb, Happy Thanksgiving, When is that anyways? 
Elder MC

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