Monday, June 16, 2014

Ulan na naman

HEY FAM!!!! First off Happy Fathers Day dad! I freakin lov ya! I hope my present can be me just working hard out here, I know thats what you want anyways! haha Being out on a mission I realized is sometimes like being a dad, having to deal with companions, is kind of like having to deal with your son im guessing, so ill just apologize upfront for all that crap I pulled back in the day haha.
Well this week was a quick one. we lost those sisters in my district, so we had to take their area, and it was like shotgunning two tranfers in a row! Again lots of area, little people! haha You can imagine the walking we do here. It's also starting rainy season so some of our area floods pretty good haha, and when its not raining it just goes back to 100 degrees! So we either walk a lot and are soaken wet with rain, or walk a lot and are soaken wet with sweat! haha 
But I can truly testify that after trials come blessings, becuase it has been hard, I thought my first area was hard, this beats it haha. But one day we were walking a ton, and the day was almost over, not getting what we thought we would, and as we were walking there was a sign that said.. " Slow Down, Men at work".. haha   I just thought, maybe I should just slow down, and just remember as long as I am working blessings will come. And they have! We had our district conference this week, and our investigators came! It was great, they were able to here great messages from the 70, Young Women's President and Elder Cook of the twelve over braodcast, and it was great for them!  When things get rough, your feet get blistery, your mind goes wild on what you can do more and what you can do better, we just need to slow down... and WORK and the blessings will come. I think most the reason I have that patience is from the great example of my dad! 
This week is also my companions birthday, and you know how Samoans party! haha so he is getting excited, and so am I beacause he's planning to buy a lot of food! haha 
Well I love you all. Especially my dad! 
Elder MC

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