Monday, June 2, 2014

The knowledge Of A General Authority.....

Hey momma!!!! thats hilarious about Max haha TELL HIM TO GET A FLIPPIN JOB!
Did he go to any dances this year at school? If yes id like to see pics. Thats sick your learning about the Philippines, you probably know more about the history of the Philippines than I do.haha The devotional was amazing! Craig Christensen is the MAN. haha It was a great spirit booster for me. He had some great insights on things. And we had a question and answer thing, and every question he just answered it with ease. Man the knowlegde of a General Authority... im gonna be like that some day!! haha. He said something that I really liked. He talked about giving pity or looking down on others.  Here in the philippines you see a lot of heartbreakking things and so much poverty. And sometimes we think we are better than those people, and we show pity. But elder Christensen said, "Don't show pity, show respect." " Remember, when much is given much is required, they can make it to the kingdom of god with ease, you however have to work for it." He got emotional. I loved it and it really humbled me!
Our work is going well we didnt have as much time this week because the day of the devotional we had to travel to Los Pinas. I also had exchanges with the zone leaders so that was another day of travel. But we have been working with a great lady who I talked about last week, and shes been doing great! along with a few others. But your heart always breaks when you sit waiting on Sunday morning, and no one comes through that sacrament door. haha its rough, but theyll pull through. I just know it:) Transfers are this week so we will find out today if there are any changes! probably nothing changing here, sice we just got here. But its exciting and im the first to know who goes haha. Well love you! have a great week!

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