Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where is the time going?!

Hey FAM! HOW ARE YA? This week has gone in one way soo good, and in another rough. haha. We had a good set of exchanges with our zone leaders. I went with them in their area, and oh man their area is beautiful!  It is straight up beautiful mountains and rice fields and stuff, but its also a super hard area. The other zone leader went in our area. It went really well because together we are starting to fix a few problems that are going on here in Naic. You know how we had that big thing with those disobedient missionaries. So what I didn't tell you is that its because of this branch missionary who is 33 and needs to get a life. I don't know how to explain him, but whenever he comes over missionaries just get disobedient, and this guy gossips worse than a Draper mom. hahaha and he has been saying some big old lies about me here to others. But anyways long story short that is why this week was hard, but we fixed it. Sometimes being a district leader is hard, cause your the fun sucker, and you stand alone sometimes. But I have also seen the blessings come from doing what your supposed to and this week was great with our work! We just taught like crazy! The new area we took is under control and were just killing it now. haha We hopefully have a couple great baptisms this July! I'm stoked this one lady Juliet is just awesome. I've told you about her before, she was our oym when we were shotgunning, and she is progressing really well! she has a date for July. We also just got this referral of a 14 year old boy  who was taught by missionaries before but he didn't have time because of basketball. haha but now he wants to be baptized and hopefully serve a mission! This kid is awesome. And reminds me of Max haha! Anyways, we are finally getting people to church and getting things going. The only thing I am scared of is transfer date is July16 and all of the Baptisms are July 19th! haha I don't wanna miss them! Well Love you ALL!
Elder MC
                                                     Elder Leaupepetele Birthday!
                          They let us go to McDonalds and this is what he bought everyone!

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