Tuesday, July 1, 2014


HEY! well first off...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I made you a little present here That you will see in the picture below. It seems my comp was pretty excited for you too hahah! He said he wants us to put together a package for you with lava lavas and stuff from his country and send it!hahah Ill let you know how that goes! Well I love you mom and I hope my present can just be me out here sweating my butt off! haha
  Well this week has been normal. We are just working hard. You know to be honest, these past two transfers have been the hardest transfers of my mission. Things have been rough for many reasons, but so rewarding. I feel I was given this new area and assignment to make me grow especially. Although things suck sometimes, I love every minute of it:) We hopefully will have 2 baptisms this July and I'm super excited for it. One of course Juliet, the one I told you about, and then the 14 year old kid I told you about last week. He is awesome and they are both doing great! Transfer day is coming up to in about 2 weeks! We will see what happens. We also had a zone conference this week, we got lucky and didn't have to travel far because it was at our chapel. President Tye gave some really good training. My favorite of what he said is that when he was training to be a Mission President, every General Authority told him the same thing, "Teach the doctrine of Christ" and he testified of that truthfulness. Some times we worry about lack of knowlegde or faith when doing missionary work. But its just simple we need to teach the doctrine of Christ. Thats what gives people peace and comfort. Helps them make sacred ordinances of salvation, and ultimately prepare them for the second coming of our Lord and Savior. Which is just around the corner. Love you all! Happy birthday for the 18th time mom, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! alma 56:48 and 57:21
Elder MC
PS Heres my present, we took a little time out of our busy sunday schedule to make this! haha sorry were not to creative

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