Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It typhooned, and everything is wet... and broken...

HEY family! So yeah as you have already heard, we had a typhoon here in Cavite, signal 3. And that bad boy was strong!! haha It was crazy to watch. It started Tuesday night and ended Wednesday like noon. Luckily we were just fine, but most of our areas here were beat up, Like every other house had there roof torn off, lots of trees fell, and some floods. So we spent most of our week trying to serve people. Also the power was out and the water all week in most of Cavite. So we werent allowed to go out at night because it would get like pitch black and we had to walk out to the boonies to get deep well water to use and we would shower and wash clothes there. But as of today everything is back to normal. But hey... what a cool expirience for me, It just stinks to see some people here that were affected. Some houses were like gone! Transfers were messed up to. I didnt get transferred, and neiher did my companion, haha were going one more round.... Its chill with me, haha.
   Well on the good side we have a baptism this week!! Its been a little while so it feels good after two rough transfers! Sister Juliet will be baptized! Im stoked, I also had a really good experience in church. So yesterday in church we had no power, it was kind of dark, and super hot. But it was great to see these smiling saints coming in to renew their covenants. Well we were able to get a generator going there just to have a few lights and the microphone to work. The second counselor of the branch gave a great talk on our pioneers and what they went through, and in the middle of his talk the power went out, and the microphone went off, but he just kept going and the spirit was so strong in that Sacrament hall. It was dark ,it was hot, and silent, but God was there. He mentioned the hymn 30 Come Come Ye Saints. That  is what the pioneers would sing every night. I looked at the lyrics in my studies and pondered about those words, it almost brought me to tears. They were able to say, "All is well, All is well" Even when times were not well, and they were not okay, They had the courage, the patience and the love of god, to say all is well. Even when it was not. Really humbling experience for us! Great week!
Love, Elder MC
PS. The power was out so I couldnt charge my camera, so I dont have any pictures of the damage, until after it was cleaned up.

                                 The wind and rain was so strong it was hard to get good pics!

This is how a real man washes his clothes!

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