Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh hey....your back......

Oh hey..... your back....
 What's up?! How was Powell!?! Still a little jealous you know, but its fair because I went to Powell 2 times last year! How many people went? looks like a ton of Reggie's friends were there! Pictures were sick! Well this week has been a pretty chill one. Not much changed! The only part that was rough is our two baptisms got moved back to the 26th! it stinks but its for the better.... She hasn't gotten her paperwork done for her certificate of no marriage, kind of like a divorce haha. Well im still looking forward to it. It will be a nice reward for having to shotgun two transfers in a row! haha. Well yes this week is transfer day. I have not heard anything yet so I honestly don't know. The zone leaders should call me to let me know within the next few hours where everyone one is going, Me and elder Pepe are both chill if we stayed another one, and chill if we leave. We wanna stay because of our 2 baptisms but whoever does come to this area next has a nice harvest hahaha. 
Well our spiritual experience this week was because this might of been our last week together we made a goal even though our area is tough to get our mission standards of excellence on everything this week, well through our hard work we ended up getting like 12 new investigators, and like 40 lessons haha it was a pretty good week of work. Well I missed you last week! Glad your all home safe and the lord watched over my family and friends!  
 Love, Elder MC

Cavite mission birthday party 
Zone Conference
Getting ready for zone conference  

Myles friend from the MTC Elder Christensen