Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Well this week has been pretty normal. haha Nothing changed for me and Pepetele. We are still here. In our district we had a few changes, one of the sisters is training a new missionary who is super quiet from legazpi. Elder jackson from Emery Utah is now in our apartment. And we lost two sisters! So theres only 6 of us now! It stinks! haha. But its always nice to have another American in the apartment. With the sisters leaving we took their area also. So now our area is twice as huge! Which means lots of fields and beach, and not a lot of people hahaha! But im excited to work with their investigators too. We are still struggling with the church attendance here in Naic, its definalty been hard, but it is progressing little by little. We do have some baptismal dates set for people, they just gotta get there butts too church!! haha But I know  week by week were changing things here:) 
        I had a very spiritual experience with actually two of the sisters ivestigators who I was able to interview for baptism. We had to go to their house to do the interview, and they live deep in this alleyway of a poor part of town. As I started the interview with the mother, it was hard for the spirit to be there because there were kids playing around and of course with two islander missionaries you could here them outside laughing and joking. I just prayed to for the patience to listen. And this lady has a great testimony, she bore it to me about how the gospel changed her, and how it mostly changed her husband. She explained to me teary eyed how her husband used to drink and get into trouble a lot. So much that he almost died twice. Then after he met the sisters he stopped drinking and getting into trouble, and now he does not let them miss church on Sunday. So of course she passed the interview.
 Then I interviewed the father.. haha and lets just say he has lost a lot of brain cells. Its like talking to a 5 year old. He had real troubles answering the questions, and remebering things. So I almost wasnt going to pass him. But at the end I asked him one simple question, why do you want to be baptized? He sat there for a second, looked me in the eyes and said simply,"I want to change." And I passed him. I realized that you dont have to be a rocket scientist to enter into the kingdom of god. you just have to have a desire to change. I learned a lot from that man and woman. 
      We also had a funny experience with a drunk guy yesterday. We were teaching this old lady whose son was outside partying with his friends and getting drunk. And right in the middle of the lesson he comes barging in and just sits down and starts preaching to us about moses and the "12" commandments hahah. And he was like tearing up and stuff. Ahh it was hilarious. And we got a return appointment with him, so well let you know how that one goes haha! Love you all have a great flippin week!
Elder MC
                                                            Just A Couple Of Kids!
Together Again! My Batch From The MTC 

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