Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey FAM!!! Oh real sweet gotts Lake Powell trip coming huh? Well Im not there to get mad at Kim for throwing me off the tube too hard, so yeah! Haha jk its way better here! Well this week has been very good! Its been the hottest its ever been this week! So hot that I got heat stroke haha, but its cool its over now! Well we havent had a ton of success this week. This area is one of the harder convert areas. But its okay. We did find this one great investigator. We met her at a members house, she just walked in and in a joking way my companion was like, " Hey! come in we gotta message for ya!" And she actually comes in and says okay what is it?  We have been teaching her ever since. She has been through like 3 churches including Jehovah's Witnesses, but she said she hasnt had that "desire" yet to follow. So we taught her about the Book of Mormon, and she came to church yesterday! She told us that one day her son asked her why she keeps listening to us, and she just said, I dont know.. "I just like it, it feels good". Shes golden... we love her! Well as far as the other Disobedient elders go, I just listened to all the advice I got, and every morning and night I pray for them. I got a distinct answer. The spirit just whispered to me and said, just be a friend. I took that advice, I just tried to be an example, and was a friend, and although they are disobedient, I have seen changes, and there is no contention. I learned a good lesson his week. "Real leaders, are just friends." And thats what im going to be a friend.
Anyways Tagaytay was great last week! This next week on Friday we have a mission devotional with Craig Christensen of the seventy. Im excited, We get to leave the boonies and go out to Los Pinas! right next to Manila! Well love you family!!!!!! ELDER MC

                                                            Don't tell my mom.........

                                                                      Tagaytay Trip

                                                    My Samoan brothas and sistas
                   Working with the Relief Society :) Mom go work with the missionaries haha :) 

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