Tuesday, May 6, 2014


HAPPPPY FLIPPIN BIRTHDAY MAX!!!! uhh I didn't forget I promise! haha I would send your belt but I just cant do it because it wouldn't make it there I dont think! Well I love you brother! Dont wreck the civic! I still cant see him driving, haha but well see! Well first of all its like 3 times hotter in Naic then in the city! But it is very beautiful! This week was tiring! Shotgunning is rough stuff. But Me and elder Leaupepetele took it like a champ. We have just been doing a lot of less active finding to look for part member families or referrals! Because tracting here is rough. Because people are never home they are out working in the fields and stuff! haha But it was just lots of walking, and familiarizing and stuff. But we were able to get 4 baptismal dates this week! And 10 new people to teach which was a good start haha! Well being a district leader is not that big of a deal, haha in my district is 4 elders, 4 sisters, and a couple. I just conduct the district meetings, collect numbers, and make sure theres no problems, and that people are obedient, and once or twice a month theres a specialized training for leaders! Thats about it! haha its kinda stressful, giving the fact that we have to shotgun too. But with all these things happening, you just gotta step back and pray. But once I did that, things were just fine:) haha This week rained a ton, and while we were teaching these people close to the beach there house started flooding while we were teaching. So we just took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our pants and continued on with the lessons. We had service project where we painted this ladys whole house yellow!haha and she had no eletric fans or anything, so for 6 hours it was just a sweat shop in there haha felt like 150 degrees haha! Well this week was good! Cant wait to skype you guys on monday! WOOO
Elder MC
                                   This is the Molero family, my pride and joy! I love them!

Professional Painters!!

The beach after the rain 

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