Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So heres the thing......

Hey fam! Well this week changed my mission pretty hard core! So heres the thing.... you know how last Monday I told you I wasn't transferring.... I was wrong! Late that night after the Amazing party at the Tyes with great food and fun, Elder Lilly got a call, and he was transferring. Then later I also got a call! I know you already know I was called to be a district leader! But not just that, I got transferred out in the boonies of Naic. And that was okay, but after that I also found out that me and my companion are shotgunning the area! So I was a little more stressed. THEN, the next day I found out were not just shotgunning, were opening up a Naic D a new area, which means we have nothing to start with, we gotta find everything! So things changed pretty quick! Half the area is just rice fields so it will be even harder to find people there haha! My companion is from Samoa, Elder Leaupeptele. He just finished his training, and he's crazy! haha but a very humble guy. AND I missed the Molero baptism! Which was defiantly the worst part for me! But yeah so I'm pretty scared, But I know Heavenly Father is just building "good timber" I read one of my favorite poems that gives me peace in times like this. Good timber by Douglas Mallock. Well on the bright side my area is beautiful! No more in the city haha! And im excited to open up the Naic district! I have felt great peace through all of this change. And im so grateful for the opportunities the lord has given me! I miss Golden City like crazy but weve got some work to do here in Naic:)
Elder MC
Wait one more thing! Mom I just got your package thank you! im gonna get big again! haha jk but its nice for mornings! and thank you to the Millers for the package! You guys are theee best! Sorry I haven't emailed you guys I just always run out of time! But thanks for always thinking about me! I love you guys!

                         Pics of beautiful Naic and me and my new comp. Elder Leaupeptele

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