Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Its Hawt.......

OY! whats up! First of all..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!! I LUV YA!!!! 13 now man thats crazy, you wanna know something funny? My most recent convert is 13 and has a crush on you hahaha. I told him to stay off. Thats sweet you got a nice free vacation. Its so hawt here right now, I would love to swim haha. Well this week has been really good. We have been working with a family whos mom is just so freaking hard to teach, they live in the straight up boonies! They just dont have a lot of social skills, we have re taught the lessons twice now and man we have done all we could with them, but finally with much fasting and prayer they will be baptized hopefully april 26th right after transfer day :/ haha. But im stoked for them. Also Conference was sweet!!!! Luckily it was in English, every talk was awesome! Especially Dallin H. Oaks talk on priesthood. He went hard on those protesting priesthood pants wearin lady's haha. But actually it had great info. The talks were just what I needed and what the world needed. Can't wait to read them. And lastly we did win the contest! both of them! So we get to go to the Tye's mansion next monday and chow down! Im freakin stoked! Well this week was super good love you all!
Elder C

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